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It’s not often you come across a brand and instantly want to bookmark every single item for immediate purchase, but Munna is one such company. Suffice it to say, our editors are thoroughly obsessed. A link to Munna’s product page shared in our team Slackroom elicited rhapsodic responses to the brand’s colorful, whimsical creations: “I love its bold take on seating, which brings back forgotten furniture shapes,” said one editor, pointing to the brand’s Art Deco– and mid-century-inspired pieces. “I just want to pet them,” said another editor, succinctly summarizing why we’re so drawn to each of Munna’s plush-looking armchairs.

The Portuguese brand was founded in 2008 and has enjoyed a relatively under-the-radar existence, known mostly to interior designers and industry insiders. Every armchair, ottoman, and sofa feels like it has a personality: From pink fringe–ridden loveseats to velvety ochre stools, each piece is carefully considered and unique. They even have names like “Louise” and “Margaret” that make you want to introduce yourself to each seating option before plopping it in your living room. In the age of irreverent, tongue-in-cheek design, Munna’s pieces feel particularly relevant.

While Munna is definitely on the higher end of the price point spectrum—it’s an “inquire for details” kind of company (though you can shop an assortment of the items at The Longest Stay)—the pieces are worth the investment. Everything is handmade and built to last, which accounts for the intricate detailing on each seating option. If you’re craving something fun and cheerful for your living room, you’ll definitely want to check it out.


Below are some of our favorite armchairs, sofas, and ottomans for every personality.  

If you were voted “most likely to succeed” in high school…

Soft & Creamy 2-Seater, Munna

Everything about this inky blue two-seater screams luxury. Rich navy velvet is instantly eye-catching, while the classic wingback silhouette and tufted detailing add another layer of elegance. Put this in your study—if you’re the kind of person who has a “study”—to emulate the aura of old-school opulence.

If you constantly have 1stdibs open in a computer tab…

Cleo Armchair, Munna

With its retro caramel color and fluted backrest style, this armchair is reminiscent of an antique item. It looks like the kind of cushy seat we’d like to spend all day curled up in, making it the ideal finishing touch for a reading nook.

If you’re in a small space…

Ava Stool, Munna

Opt for a multipurpose stool that doubles as seating and as a side table. The Ava Stool is just as much a decorative object as it is a functional accessory, so if you have a smaller room where every piece has to serve multiple purposes, it’s a great fit.


If you’re an Art Deco fiend…

Josephine Sofa, Munna

The Art Deco revival is alive and well. Channel the instantly recognizable aesthetic of the era with this emerald green sofa, which features signature geometric shapes and white piping for a high-contrast statement. We can see this styled in a space with equally bold jewel tones like navy or mustard to really drive home the luxe feel of the time period.

If The Little Mermaid was your favorite Disney movie growing up…

Daisy Chair, Munna

You’re in luck. Shell motifs are trending, and while iterations of the retro style are usually restricted to smaller accent pieces, the Daisy Chair makes a good case for putting the design at the forefront of your living room. It also makes for quite the bold dining room chair if you’re looking for a colorful seating option to finish off your breakfast nook.

If you love the ’70s…

Melody Swivel Chair, Munna

Mustard yellow? Check. Swivel seat? Check. Plush velvet material? Check. This armchair has all the trappings of a classic 1970s piece, and yet it still looks contemporary thanks to its clean-lined silhouette. It would look even more beautiful paired with similarly ’70s hues, like burnt oranges and blush pinks, for a gradient effect.

If you’re not afraid of a little fringe…

Fringes 2-Seater, Munna

This is the Munna sofa that elicited the “I just want to pet it” response from one team Domino fan. Partake in the fringe design trend with a fun seating option that’ll undoubtedly become the focal point of your living room.


If “go bold or go home” is your personal brand…

Margaret Armchair, Munna

A sculptural tomato-red armchair is anything but demure, and that’s why we love this piece. When placed in any spot in your living room, it’ll liven up even the darkest of spaces. Play up the drama by styling it with a royal blue throw blanket draped over the side to mimic one of the trendiest—and boldest—color combinations du jour.

If you’re a frequent entertainer…

Mellow 50 Stool, Munna

A comfy ottoman is a great solution for the hostess who’s always in search of extra chairs. Small enough to easily tuck away into a corner when not in use, this golden-hued stool will come in handy at your next casual soiree when every other seating option is taken. Plus, with intricate piping detail, it’s a gorgeous accent piece on its own.

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