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My preferred decor aesthetic is, “I picked it up in a little boutique in the Marais in Paris.” It’s irrelevant that I have only been to Paris three times in my life and have never actually had any retail luck in the Marais—it’s the style I’m after. I love to have a home that feels collected rather than contemporary, which is why my newest store discovery is so dangerous for my wallet.

I initially came across the British brand Dassie Artisan a few weeks ago, while procrastinating by perusing Trouva. Founded in 2012 by Roxi and Dave Zeeman, it specializes in handcrafted, artisan-produced items with a modern rustic sensibility: terrazzo-patterned ceramics, soft linens in subdued shades, and retro-looking glassware abound. The company focuses on ethical production and celebrates traditional crafting techniques from around the world.

Because of those traditional crafting techniques, each product is one of a kind. It’s like shopping a trendy European flea market online from the comfort of your sofa. The best part is that Dassie Artisan is actually affordable—no more paying exorbitant amounts of money for an artisanal teacup. You can actually buy a set of artisanal teacups without feeling immense retail guilt.


Here are some of the items in my shopping cart right now.

Small Terrazzo Jug, Dassie Artisan ($27)

Confession: I don’t like terrazzo. I know this makes me somewhat of a design delinquent given its popularity right now, but the throwback trend is just not for me. Dassie Artisan’s take on the material is a lot more palatable; it’s less straight-up terrazzo and more “terrazzo-inspired.” Simple ceramic pieces—there’s an entire line of bowls and plates in the print, too—decorated with colorful flecks will make the perfect minimal pop of color in my tiny rental kitchen, starting with this jug that’s the perfect size for housing florals.

Hyacinth Blanket, Dassie Artisan ($50)

Some might call me a throw blanket hoarder; at last count, I owned seven. But given that I live in New York City and I’m about to spend the next several winter months actively avoiding frostbite, I feel like they’re a worthy investment. This cotton-linen blend blanket is a lighter, softer one than most chunky throws, meaning I’ll get more use out of it as a transitional decor piece during spring and autumn. Plus, how gorgeous is this pale green color?

Zulu Bamboo Trays, Dassie Artisan ($39)

Woven baskets aren’t a revolutionary concept for stylish storage, but you don’t always see them in tray form. I see these as an easy way to bring texture to my coffee table and organize all my knickknacks at the same time.


Zoyo Dining Chair, Dassie Artisan ($390)

Okay, so at almost $500 a pop, this particular Dassie Artisan piece may not be the most affordable item from the brand, so instead of sacrificing my paycheck in the name of new dining room chairs, I’m personally interested in this as a standalone accent chair for my living room. Add a colorful throw pillow, and it’s the perfect item to fill an empty corner. The chair is handmade out of mango wood by artisans in India, so you’re paying for quality.

Bento Tapas Bowl, Dassie Artisan ($14)

I think about Dassie Artisan’s Bento collection at least once a day. The simple yet striking color combo of blue and terra-cotta is a timeless one and feels Mediterranean in its design. These tapas bowls, in particular, are the perfect size for appetizers, so pick up a few (they’re super inexpensive) to have on hand for your next get-together. Even if it’s a The Bachelor viewing party, serving dips and crudites in these ceramics will make the whole thing feel that much more elegant.

Dinner Candles (set of 2), Dassie Artisan ($12)

Deep berry is one of my favorite colors at the moment—especially for winter when paired with a warm ochre as an alternative to a traditional holiday palette. I can’t wait to bring this set home and use it as a finishing touch for my dresser. Tapered candles are a great way to break up an assortment of plants and add some height variety to any empty surface.  

Fennel Espresso Cup, Dassie Artisan ($12)

If you, like me, have a caffeine addiction, finding the perfect vessels for your morning coffee is not a task you take lightly. I love the organic shape and subtle color of these espresso cups; they feel timeless and like something I’ll still be using to get my morning coffee fix 20 years from now. 


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