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As a self-proclaimed minimalist, the abundance of saturated hues that dominate holiday decor tends to clash with my personal style. Factor in the tiny studio that I call home, and you’ll begin to understand the struggles I face in decorating for the holidays. A Christmas tree and less than 300-sq-ft of living space just don’t mix.

Each year, I resign to the fact that my aesthetic is not conducive to the array of holiday decor out there—until I happened upon Ferm Living’s 2018 Christmas collection. In true Scandinavian fashion, the new line boasts a refreshing perspective on the traditional scope of holiday offerings. Brass takes precedence over glass ornaments and the expected color scheme of red or green is swapped in favor of moody plums and dramatic greys.

Trust me: this chic, understated holiday collection is a minimalist’s dream.

Deco Frames, $51.18

I’m constantly on the hunt for creative ways to display my winter greens and this frame offers a creative solution. It looks best when paired with delicate sprigs of dried florals in warm, saturated tones.

Christmas Tree Foot, $78.48

When was the last time you saw a Christmas tree stand as chic as this? I typically forgo a tree due to floor space constraints but this year, I’ll definitely reconsider thanks to this grey powder-coated alternative. It might give the ornaments a run for their money.

Balance Tealight Holder, $39.81

I would consider painting my walls in a deep shade of wine, just to be able to replicate this scene. But for now, I’ll settle for this candle holder and a similarly-toned tablecloth to emulate the look.

Marble Trees, $62.56

This is the ultimate adornment for the festively-decked mantel. For the rest of us who lack a built-in fireplace, these marble pieces will fit just as well on a light-soaked window pane.

Twin Half Circle Brass Ornament, $11.37

This year, I’m adopting a monochromatic approach to holiday decor and these definitely fit the bill. Brass ornaments on a thin chain offer a refreshing alternative to the standard ball.

Tangle Spinning Tealight, $39.81

This isn’t your ordinary votive. The candle heat causes the chime topper to rotate, resulting in a stunning light display.

Bow Candle Holder, $135.35

If there is one clear lesson here, it’s that candles are still in vogue this holiday season. Apart from their obvious functional standpoint, consider candle holders a versatile design accessory that can live just about anywhere—be it atop the mantel or lining the tablescape. I’ll be pairing this geometrically-inspired marble piece with warm grey candles for a truly dynamic combo.

Gift Tags, $7.96

After all’s said and done, don’t let unsightly wrapping paper bogue down your curated tree situation. These color-blocked gift tags are the artful toppers every present deserves.