Published on October 16, 2019

We’d be willing to bet that no one uses their geographic location as inspiration when they’re buying a new piece of furniture. Which is why it’s always fascinating to see that people from the same state decorate similarly. For a new report, retailer Living Spaces used Google search trends to deduce what the most popular styles across the country will be in 2020. Coloradoans prefer a Scandinavian vibe, Floridians love coastal everything, and North Carolinians are all in on farmhouse spaces—but we didn’t see the leading trend in the U.S. coming. 

With 15 states in the bag, the country’s most beloved aesthetic is industrial; bring on the exposed metals and wood accents. It’s a stark (literally) departure from 2018’s top look: colorful, texture-filled bohemian. According to Google, it’s been demoted to second place, with only 12 states naming boho as their go-to; farmhouse, the favorite in 10 states, came in third. 

We’re not suggesting tailoring your house to Google data, but it’s always fun to dabble in a new style. If you want to dip your toe into industrial interiors, we have some ideas on how to bring the look home, no wooden beams or floor-to-ceiling windows required. 

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