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When you think of a quintessential California home, a breezy, casual-cool space probably comes to mind. In Texas, on the other hand, you likely picture contemporary farmhouses. But a new report by Joybird proves that these expectations don’t always match up to reality.

Using Google Trends to see what decorating styles people in each state actively search for, the direct-to-consumer furniture brand put together a map of 18 design preferences across the U.S., ranging from urban modern to Hollywood Regency. One style came out on top, the favorite of 12 states—and it’s not what you’d guess. An industrial look—exposed brick, updated appliances, metallic accents—is favored by a surprisingly wide variety of locales, from Alaska to New Hampshire to Louisiana.

A few of Joybird’s findings aren’t too out of left field. Just as we thought, the West Coast prefers minimalism (as well as industrial design), while Southern states favor a shabby chic aesthetic. In the Northeast, people tend to opt for vintage style. The Midwest, too, loves some industrial design.

On a state-by-state level, things get a bit more peculiar. Washington, for instance, is the only state that values an eclectic style—though, let’s be honest, that’s not too shocking. Arkansas, on the other hand, is into elegant French country design, and cozy Maine prefers an old-school Victorian look, of all things. Colorado, it seems, enjoys “Asian zen” style—which we’ll take to mean some kind of Japanese minimalism.

Clearly, where you come from doesn’t have to dictate your taste—though it may very well influence what you’re drawn to (after all, that has to be why Californians also find themselves lured to Hollywood Regency design). Take a look at the full list and see if your tastes fall in line with the rest of your state.

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