Published on June 12, 2018

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French girls might have given us the secret to perfect skin and It-girls definitely schooled us on the art of Sunday brunch, but when it comes to achieving summer-ready style, no one does easygoing better than a Spanish girl. In the same way style-savvy Parisians seem to have effortlessly mastered the perfectly imperfect, the Spanish girl’s equally-covetable design aesthetic is also based on the fearless principle of leaving much of the home up to chance.

Unlike her neighboring friends to the north, however, the Spanish girl is directly influenced by the diverse landscape and dynamic destinations that surround her. From the shores of Ibiza to the peaks of the Pyrenees—and back again through the bustling streets of Toledo and Barcelona—her design perspective is the result of the casual mingling of urban fervor and rural respite; of coastal calm and downtown cool. Ahead, a peek inside the homes of the Spanish bloggers, artists, and entrepreneurs that are inspiring us right now. Plus, all the interior tips and tricks we’re bookmarking for our own spaces.

Pair Down Luxe Decor

Among the many defining characteristics that separate Spanish girls from their European counterparts, is the careful blending of the ornate and the rustic, which sets them in a league of their own. Blogger and globetrotter Paula Ordovas’ bedroom is an idyllic example of what it means to strike the perfect balance. Here, sophisticated touches—like blush pink accents and intricate metallic accessories—peacefully coexist alongside more primitive pieces, like the worn wood bench at the foot of the bed.

Weave in Woven Accents

Handwoven finds and muted grays capture the coastal-cool spirit of interior designer Eli Garcia Cruz’s sun-filled Barcelona apartment. Though the detailed molding and tight quarters give her urban dwelling away, her many textured accessories impart her home with breezy, beach-approved vibes one can only find along the Mediterranean’s edge.

Prioritize a Neutral Palette

For Madrid-based creative Itziar Aguilera, the bedroom is nothing but an escape for the soul. Aboud in neutral woven accents, blonde woods, and wall-mounted mementos, her personal haven is both a simple ode to her many travels, as well as her subtle bohemian style.

Utilize Wasted Floor Space  

In an effort to defy its tiny size, Instagram It-girl and vlogger Maria Pombo’s living room makes up for lost seating by way of bonus floor cushions. The varied levels and textural breadth of her small sitting area create the visual impression that her desert-inspired space is bigger than it actually is.

Foster Arid Ambiance

Familiar nods to rural living also make their way into model and jewelry designer Ana Moya Calzado’s abode, where an enviable collection of prickly prints charm a built-in storage nook.

Decorate with Sky-High Greenery

Towering leaves and incredible light instantly introduce a sense of harmony to Madrid-based photographer Rosa Copado’s no-fuss apartment, where warm neutrals and a minimal decor scheme ensure her leafy greens remain the center of attention.

Remember: Opposites Attract

A much-welcomed reminder that materials in opposition can make for the most stunning vignettes, Ester Bellón’s vintage-meets-industrial home office boasts the table-chair marriage we’ve been waiting for. Dried flowers and an understated color palette complete the storied scene.

Avoid Uniformity

While we’re definitely digging Lucia Bárcena’s rich pops of color and petite furniture, her mix-and-match gallery wall has captured our full attention. An eclectic assortment of traditional prints and other collected treasures, her refreshingly off-center space embodies Spanish ease.

Bring Poufs to the Dining Room

As if designed with the intention to transport guests to their favorite beachside eatery, famed fashion blogger and proud plant parent Gala Gonzalez’s nonchalant dining space makes a serious case for backless seating.

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