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Google doesn’t lie. In May Modsy found that farmhouse design was the country’s most beloved aesthetic, after using the search engine’s keyword planner to analyze average monthly term inquiries in each state. Now as the year comes to a close, the company revealed in its 2021 trend report that not much has changed. The style is still the preferred choice in 26 states. But there is one place we were surprised to find wasn’t on that list: Texas. 

How can the home of Fixer Upper, the HGTV show that undoubtedly sparked a national obsession with shiplap walls and apron-front sinks, not favor farmhouse above all other styles? Turns out modern decor—picture bubble pendant lamps, burl-wood coffee tables, and Cesca chairs—is more their speed. The city of Austin has become a hub for mid-century enthusiasts, like designer Sara Oswalt, who made a retro fireplace the focal point of her client’s living room (pictured above), and Citizenry cofounder Carly Nance, who balanced out all the wood tones in her Dallas home with boho textiles. 

But don’t hold your breath: Our preferences are constantly shifting. Modsy found that in these uncertain times, traditional and classic styles saw the biggest spikes (the latter growing by 11 percent in popularity). In 2021 we might find ourselves departing from the aesthetics we know and opting for soft florals, red-brown woods, ornamented seating, and crown molding in search of the comfort we crave. 

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