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Sometimes you go into the holiday shopping season knowing exactly what you want, and sometimes it’s fine to let peer pressure get to you and go with what’s trending with those around you. Curious as to what others in your state are adding to their carts this year? 24/7 Wall Street took to Amazon to review this year’s most popular gifts.

Basing its findings on Google’s forecasted search keywords for the upcoming season and even looking at the 2016 U.S Census to use state population to determine the number of searches per person in every state (at least the searches were extensive), 24/7 Wall Street came up with a list outlining the most popular gifts across the country. Though of course, as is the nature of trends, the list is subject to change as new products start gaining attention.

As was to be expected, tech gifts consistently top the list. Video games, e-readers, and various forms of the Amazon Echo proved popular in states like Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, and Mississippi. Some of the continuously big TV shows and movies also made an appearance—residents of Connecticut love This Is Us, while North Dakotans are gifting the live-action Beauty and the Beast.

It’s also interesting to note why certain items are more popular in some states versus in others. Is California’s interest in a high-speed blender—which is incidentally marketed as ideal for smoothies and protein shakes—indicative of the state’s perceived fascination with healthy living?

The focus on tech gifts isn’t anything new: Last year, the team at Treetopia ran a survey to determine 2016’s most popular gifts, and the data yielded similar results.

Photography by TREETOPIA

Technological goodies once more topped the list; though bluetooth speakers and the iPhone were last year’s gadgets of choice compared to this year’s prevalence of smart home assistants. Other popular gifts include “of the month” boxes, an easy solution to people who are difficult to buy for (we’re partial to a “cheese of the month” club for any foodies on your shopping list).

To see the full list of popular gifts in 2017 according to state, head to Yahoo.com.

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