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how to decorate for your personality type

this is pretty accurate, if we do say so ourselves.

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Finally, someone has analyzed each trait in the Myers-Briggs personality test and matched them to the home decor style that best suits it. Here’s how it works: First you take the test to find out your personality type, then you break it down letter by letter to uncover your true decor style.

For example, one of our writers has a strong ISTJ personality. According to the article, her personal style should reflex a cozy retreat where she can spend time alone to recharge after a long day, but it should be as minimal as possible. And, like her “thinking” and “judging” traits suggest, she does make good use of the space she has and keeps plenty of stylish to-do lists around her house.

The results were pretty accurate for our writer, but check it out yourself on Apartment Therapy.