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There’s no sugarcoating that we’re entering into another season of wobbly back-to-school situations. Some families are returning to a “normal” routine; others need to follow a more hybrid approach—but either way, home most definitely continues to be at center stage in this ever-evolving plotline. It’s the place where everything happens (cue the full range of emotions and hormones). The silver lining? This gray zone we’re living in can still be made functional and even fun with a few updates—from quick additions like fort-friendly floor cushions and a rainbow-hued pegboard—to bigger projects in the form of an indoor slide or trapdoor beds that can double as a trampoline on rainy days.  During the past year of overseeing Domino Kids and launching our weekly newsletter (sign up here!), I’ve encountered countless thoughtful ideas—like a teen’s DIY bunkhouse that’s built right on the foundation of his old playhouse; a storage cabinet that flips Narnia-style into a homework zone for twin sisters; and a mom’s total overhaul of her family rental on a shoestring budget. Because, as parents know, innovation is born of necessity, and there’s nothing like a pandemic to make you get very creative with your space.  On that note, when my partner and I hastily relocated in March 2020 to be closer to my family, we thought it would be for just a few weeks—but fast-forward 18 months (half our son’s lifetime) and we’re finally getting ready to move back into our own apartment, like real grown-ups. Living in a tight-knit community of grandparents, uncles, cousins, and close friends has been incredible on so many levels, but we’re also looking forward to some, er, alone time and setting up our space the way we want it. Likewise, Domino Kids deserves more room to stretch out as it continues to grow. I’m excited to reveal our newly refreshed HQ, where you can find stellar family living ideas, reality-driven design tips, and clever organization tricks—as well as some big news on September 14 (stay tuned!). In the meantime, wishing you a smooth and safe return to…this new world we’re rebuilding together as we go. Let’s hear it for the parents! 

Alex Redgrave Editorial Director, Domino Kids; Executive Editor, Domino @redgravey