Our Style Editor’s $30 Blanket Hack Mimics $250 Bedding

A DIY that involves very little doing.

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Every good stylist knows the tricks to taking a room from blah to beautiful. In our new column, Stylist’s Kit, we share our insider-y knowledge from photo shoots to make every corner of your house look like it’s ready for a Domino-worthy close-up.

As much as I love dressing the foot of a bed with a fuzzy mohair or sculptural thick-knit blanket, summer isn’t exactly the most practical time to pull out your snuggle-worthy throws. But when I’m on a photo shoot, I have to make sure a bed doesn’t look naked without an added layer atop the duvet—something textured that breaks up the otherwise solid area. 

One of my favorite ways to do that is with a gauzy linen throw, but they’re hard to come by at a digestible price—options start at $250 from Maison de Vacances or Hale Mercantile. Thankfully I’ve discovered a $30 way around this budget buzzkill, and it just so happens to provide all the customization you could ever imagine. 

The first stop? Your favorite fabric store. To those who avoid DIY endeavors, don’t let this scare you—I promise you won’t need to lift a sewing needle. My go-to is Gray Lines Linen in Manhattan’s Garment District (it ships, too), as well the Fabric Store, which was formerly a brick-and-mortar in Los Angeles but is now online only, offering affordable and quick shipping to the U.S. from New Zealand. From there, all you have to do is get your desired yardage (I suggest 1.8 yards for a twin; 2.5 for a full/queen; 2.8 for a king; and 3 for a California king). My most recent linen purchase at Gray Lines was just $12 per yard, making the throw only $30. Then I laundered the fabric for that lived-in look. 

The whole thing is really that easy; here are the details: For a super-textured vibe, grab the most lightweight linen you can find—something so translucent that you can see your fingers on the other side. When you’re washing and drying the fabric, using the hottest settings will make it the right kind of rumply and give it frayed edges. Sure, the material will shrink a bit in the process—but my measurements above account for that. And like most throws, it won’t hit the bottom of each side of the duvet cover, allowing a few inches of breathing room. For just $30, it’s the kind of hack that makes you sleep easy.

Julia Stevens

Contributing Editor

Julia Stevens is a Domino contributing editor. Basically, she’s a professional online shopper. She started at Domino as an intern and spent almost seven years in the style department curating products for our gift guides, trend roundups, and product reviews and on set styling the beautiful homes we get to share. Off hours, you can find her scouting New York’s newest design shops and restyling her shelves