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Circle table with two chairs next to a window

A Former Doctor’s Office Is Now This Chicago Gallerist’s Art Deco Apartment

The “X-ray” room houses guests.

beige sofa

This London Home’s Designer Plans to Re-create This Cool Kitchen Feature in the Future

The cat in residence has never been happier.

pink sofa with skirt

This Family’s 1957 L.A. Home Makes the Case for Keeping an Unpopular Feature

They bought the gem sight unseen.

blue boucle bed

For This L.A. Family, White Walls Presented the Biggest Design Risk

“Restraint, baby…this house is all restraint.”

blue library wall

Stained-Glass Doors Unveil Colorful Room After Room in This Narrow Apartment

But first, stop to admire the library ladder.

tiled post office staff room turned bedroom

Their First Home Purchase Fell Through—Then This Couple Bought a Post Office

Goodbye, staff lounge. Hello, bedroom.

red striped bedroom

Plot Twist: Stripes Keep This Maximalist Edwardian Home From Looking Too Busy

Our kind of circus.

wood kithen stools

This Brooklyn Brownstone Goes Over the Top With Oak Wood in the Best Way

The embroidery-designer owner has an eye for details.

family in window nook

This Garage-Turned-ADU Is the Bonus Space One Family Never Expected to Have

Accordion windows make it feel at one with the garden.

Woman in a leopard dress standing in front of a pink and orange mural

Inside This Modern “Skybox” House, Alex Proba Went Wild With Her Signature Murals

Pattern-on-pattern is the name of her game.

Staircase with tree chandelier

An 18-Foot “Upside-Down Tree” Chandelier Greets Guests at This L.A. Family Home

It went from spec house to “our house.”

pink kids room

The Closets in This Designer’s Home Had a Big Wallpaper Moment Coming for Them

They only look hand-painted.

dining area

This Couple Initially Doubted What Is Now Their Home’s Most Welcoming Feature

For the kids, it makes sneaking in the occasional bike possible.

dining chairs with curved backs

This D.C. Home Was Designed to Accommodate a Growing Family—And We Don’t Just Mean Kids

Ditching a formal dining room made way for multigenerational living.

lavender dining room

This Berry-Colored Bed Nook Is So Cozy, You Almost Forget You’re in a Studio Apartment

Or that the sofa is right across from the mattress.

mid century inspired living room

One Fun-Filled Weekend in Vermont Led This Couple to Buy Their Friends’ Rental House

Luckily, their new neighbor is a contractor.

kitchen with pink tile

What Happens When a Designer Returns to a Project Years Later—But for a New Owner

The second round called for jade onyx and pink zellige.

striped chair under stairs

An Ibiza-Inspired Banquette and DIY Wall Art Disguise the New-Buildness in This London Home

What happens when you collaborate with your twin and carpenter husband.