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shoe closet open

A $45 Hack Turned This IKEA Billy Bookcase Into Family-Friendly Shoe Storage

With room left for displaying pretty things.

the break retail shop white curtains hung from ceiling in front of clothing rack

How to Hang Curtains From the Ceiling And Why It’s Better Than Using a Rod

Gain more creative control over your space.

ikea folding screen with wallpaper panels

This IKEA Room Divider DIY Puts Leftover Wallpaper to Stylish Use

Kiss those plain plastic panels goodbye.

red and white striped chair in bedroom

How to Reupholster a Chair So You Can Revamp Rather Than Replace

Plus the best fabrics to start with.

cream semi-sheer curtain panels with plant in foreground

How to Hang Curtains So the Rod Is Really, Truly Straight

Don’t tighten those screws just yet.

green kitchen

This IKEA Hack Fits Two Kitchen Drawers’ Worth of Storage Into One

All you need is a screwdriver.

white sheer curtains behind white sofa and plant

How to Measure Curtains So They Don’t End Up Too Short—Or Too Long

Do you know about “stack”?

wood fireplace gate

An IKEA Crib Turned Fireplace Gate Is a Full-Circle Babyproofing Moment

When they learn to crawl, you have to get creative.

wooden ladder in front of half painted wall

Do You Tip Contractors? We’ve Got Answers

Psst: A positive online review is just as effective.

vintage lamp next to lampshade

How to Rewire a Lamp, Because That Epic Vintage Find Is Worth Fixing

Grab a cord kit.

round bathroom mirror

A Nor’easter Is Coming and We Suggest You DIY Your Way Through It

Quick hacks for your shower, sofa, and bathroom vanity.

bathroom with sliding door and cacti

Radiators and Plants Aren’t Friends, But This DIY Trick Will Keep Thirsty Leaves Hydrated

Expert Alessia Resta’s 200 pots are proof.

zen bathroom

One DIYer Put Leanne Ford’s Signature Bathroom Update to the Test

Here are her tips for success.

How to Finance a Home Renovation Without Going Broke

How to Finance a Home Renovation Without Going Broke

Six options for every budget and patience level.

Woman taking selfie in Paris

The Chic Headboard in Emily in Paris Is Actually an Easy DIY

Do it while you binge the third season.

white fireplace with tubes

In This Garage-Turned-Den, the Bed and TV Are Sneakily Disguised

Walnut plywood and paint changed the 315-square-foot space.

back to basics bedroom shot

How to Measure for Blinds Accurately on the First Try

Inside or outside mount: That is the question.

How to Paint a Ceiling, From Picking a Color to Actually Getting It Up There

How to Paint a Ceiling, From Picking a Color to Actually Getting It Up There

Bonus round: Popcorn ceiling.