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kitchen with wood lower cabinets

There’s No IKEA in This Textile Designer’s Stockholm House, Just Classic Swedish Patterns

A checkered kitchen banquette is the family’s HQ.

blue corner of bar

Guests Constantly Ask About This Hotel’s Blue Paint—We ID’d the Exact Benjamin Moore Hue

Funny enough, it’s got “gray” in the name.

corner of kitchen island

This Kitchen’s Concrete Column Wasn’t Going Anywhere, So the Architects Worked Around It (Literally)

Resulting in a surprisingly airy focal point.

cabinets in office

2 Basic Craft Materials Turned These IKEA Ivar Cabinets Into Sculptural Statements

The Brâncusi-inspired riff cost less than $100.

kid grabbing things off shelf

Marie Kondo’s Home May Be Messy These Days, But Nestig’s New Storage Is Here to Corral the Chaos

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plywood kitchen

We Put a Plywood Spin on $950 IKEA Cabinet Frames for Our Cali Cabin Kitchen Reno

The island came as is from the Swedish retailer.

woman on yellow sofa

In Jennifer Behr’s 640-Square-Foot Apartment, Everything—Headbands Included—Has a Place

Her New York City home is like a life-size jewelry box.

man in chair

This Editor’s Harlem Studio Is Closet-less and Tiny, But the Wainscoting Alone Makes Up for It

Vintage Italian dressers (from Facebook Marketplace) to the rescue.

dining room with beams

Zio & Sons’s Mitzi Lighting Will Make Everyone Think You Went Vintage Shopping

Did one pendant actually come off a ship? You’ll never tell.