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colorful sinks

The News That Changed This Designer’s Life: You Can Glaze Toilets and Sinks in Any Color

You’ve never seen a cooler music-venue restroom.

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s Just-Listed Airbnb Squeezes 3 Beds in 1 Room

The new hosts are welcoming guests this weekend.

dining table banquette

Shea McGee’s Most Ambitious Reno to Date Is Only 180 Square Feet

And she wouldn’t compromise on the marble shower.

zen yard

The Patio Construction Material This Landscape Designer Won’t Ever Work With

Make your hardscaping as organic and flowy as the plants.

blue house

71% of Homeowners Admit to Judging Their Neighbors for This Easy-to-Fix Yard Issue

Four ways to stay on everyone’s good side.

wood and metal vanity

10 Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms Where a Freestanding Tub or an XL Sink Is Really All You Need

You’d never guess one is in a basement.

green velvet dining chairs

A Pistachio Green Bar Freed This Nashville Home of Its Builder-Grade Past

A corduroy sofa adds a dose of character, too.

blue arched tile

Bold 1920s Tile Was Too Priceless to Give Up for This Kitchen Reno

What stayed (and what changed) in a childhood home.

raised pink bed

A Breakfast Nook, an Outdoor Kitchen—Yep, This Tiny Pink RV Has Those

Van life isn’t all sacrifices and cramped spaces.