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It wasn’t long after interior designers Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus debuted their hamster-size vegan leather sofa for PetSmart that customers started asking: Can you make that for dogs? And so, one year after the launch of their small-pet collaboration, they re-created the Domino Good Design Award winner on a much larger scale. “I’ve been joking that I’d like to see it in human size now,” says Brent with a laugh. 

leather pet bed

Nate & Jeremiah Faux Leather Couch Pet Bed, PetSmart ($60)

The pair leaned into their love of French mid-century seating, textured stoneware, and woven textiles so pet parents don’t feel like they need to stash the treat container in the pantry or hide the crate in a guest bedroom. “Everything in this collection came from something we love, something that we live with,” says Berkus, from ceramic vessels to stripes.

Courtesy of PetSmart
Courtesy of PetSmart

Bringing it all full circle, they actually do live with their miniature creations. Six months ago, the Berkus-Brent household welcomed Olive the cat, and when she’s not hiding in a bookshelf, she’s curled up in the Donut bed. “Nate [used to] have a visceral reaction [when I brought up] ever having a cat. Now he’s obsessed,” says Brent. Here’s a look at some of our favorite pieces from the latest drop

The Parisian-Chic Bed

woven dog bed

Nate & Jeremiah Elevated Pet Bed, PetSmart ($90)

Domino’s photo director, Andie Diemer, recently ordered this French-inspired piece and found that her pup, Milly, who is usually picky about where she sleeps, has plopped herself in it multiple times. “She loves feeling contained,” says Diemer, referring to the frame’s three wicker sides. Bonus: The mattress cover is surprisingly easy to clean, she adds. 

The Mess-Free Mat

striped placemat

Nate & Jeremiah Striped Placemat, PetSmart ($20)

Whenever Berkus and Brent travel to Mexico or Portugal, they keep their eyes peeled for woven placemats and napkins to layer on their dining table. “It’s something we’ve found is easy to pack when we’re coming home,” notes Brent. Their personal collection of table linens fueled the addition of this striped no-skid food and water bowl mat. 

The Flintstones-esque Food Bowl

white bowl

Nate & Jeremiah Double Diner Pet Bowl, PetSmart ($40)

Serve up kibble in this faux marble food station that, along with the matching treat container, can be tossed in the dishwasher when it’s starting to get grimy. “It looks like a serving bowl you could have pulled out of your own cabinet,” says Berkus. 

The Secret Sleeping Den

table with open cubby

Nate & Jeremiah Chestnut Wood Finish Side Table Pet Home, PetSmart ($130)

If you’re looking to change your pet’s habit of stealing half your bed at night, consider this nightstand swap. There’s a cutout cubby underneath where they can get some shut-eye—which means so can you.