Jeremiah Brent Isn’t Afraid Who Knows It: His Cool Corduroy Sofa Is IKEA

Straight off the site and into his Portuguese farmhouse.
jeremiah brent
Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent.

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Almost a year ago, Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus did what any travel lover can only dream of: They bought a run-down yet totally charming farmhouse in the countryside of Portugal. We hadn’t heard much about their plans for the property until last week, when we finally got a sneak peek at their in-progress space in one of Brent’s Instagram posts. The shot captured only a small corner of a living room, but a tiny sliver was all we needed to notice a familiar piece of furniture. The designer’s caption confirmed our suspicions: “Yes, the sofa is from IKEA!”

Specifically, it’s the Jättebo seat module. Our initial thought was that the piece must have been re-covered in a superfancy fabric, but it turns out the trendy corduroy material is straight from the Swedish retailer, too. The thick textile features an extra-wide wale that’s both cozy-looking and soft to the touch, plus the removable covers can be tossed in the washing machine, making it an ideal choice for any family with young kids, like Berkus and Brent’s. While we love the verdant choice that the couple went with, there are two additional cover options that make switching up your color scheme down the road much easier. 

As another bonus, the Jättebo line is fully modular, so you can mix and combine the individual one-seaters with chaises (many of which also include storage) to fit any space. As Brent once told us, the ultimate luxury is in personalization, no matter the price point. 

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Jättebo 1.5-seat module with storage


Jättebo chaise module