This Reed Diffuser Helped Me Kick My Expensive Candle Habit

Its fancy scent lingers on rather than burning out.

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Scent, like lighting, is one of those nonphysical elements that can completely transform a space—one reason why I have always obsessively collected candles. But by whatever logic, reed diffusers have never been as appealing to me. Something about them just feels heavy-handed or clumsy. Maybe it’s the often too-big label or the vessel never being the right shape. But my mind was changed recently after opening the box of a Diptyque diffuser. Received as a gift (admittedly, years ago), I was waiting for the perfect moment to put it to good use—which, ultimately, ended up being the day I moved into my first studio apartment. Let’s just say, on the topic of reed-diffuser aversion, I stand corrected. For my full review of how the Diptyque reed diffuser helped me kick my expensive candle habit, read on.

Baies Diffuser Bundle.
Diptyque Baies Diffuser, $190.

What Sold Me

For starters, there’s no label at all; the fluted glass vessel is egg-shaped and elegant. (If I’m going to have something on display, it needs to do more than smell good.) But while the container was love at first sight, the scent is what had me proposing marriage. Every time I walk in the door, I’m greeted with soft lingering notes of black currants and roses. And because nobody wants to sleep in a room that reminds them of what they cooked for dinner, it’s nice to know that, before long, the room goes back to smelling like fancy fruits and flowers. 

Rationalizing the Price Tag

There’s no way around it: This thing, like most Diptyque things, is expensive. The diffuser bundle is $190, which sounds like a lot, but hear me out. A single Diptyque candle costs around $72 and is said to average a burn time of between 50-60 hours—which could mean dropping $72 dollars a month on a new votive if you light candles with wreckless abandon and/or want your home to constantly smell rich. In contrast, a reed diffuser (when used properly) can boast a scent span of up to four months—this roughly equates to an initial savings of around $98 for the first four-month period with the longer-lasting diffuser. Once the scent has dissipated, you can purchase a refill for $95 which (according to our candle-a-month calculations) will save you $193 over the next four-month period. To put it simply, you’re spending less and less for a more consistent and long-lasting scent. Plus, if you ever tire of Baies, you can opt for a refill of any other fragrance option that catches your fancy—like the cult-favorite Tuberose or the woodsy 34 Boulevard Saint Germain

So did this make me love diffusers as a category? No. But am I madly in love with this diffuser? Absolutely.

Baies Diffuser


Baies Diffuser Refill



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