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Even though our closets hold some of our most important possessions, we inevitably end up neglecting them. So we’re asking clever homeowners and renters to share their time-tested organizing methods that really (really!) work in our new series, Reclaim Your Closet.

You can stack your pants in a dresser, file-fold them Marie Kondo style, roll them as if you were packing them in a suitcase, or hang them in your closet. But TikTokers are specifically recommending the latter these days—and not in the way you’d expect. The genius twist: Use kids’ clothing hangers instead of adult-size ones. “In case you guys didn’t know, baby hangers are not just for babies,” Lisa Jacobs, the founder of professional organizing company Imagine It Done, recently told her TikTok followers. “When you look at a closet, you want to look at the clothing. You don’t want to see the hangers protruding.” 

Beauty influencer and makeup artist Sona Gasparian is also a new convert—and she’s not just using them for denim. “I was like, why stop there? Why not use them for tank tops?” she shared in a recent review of the Utopia Home ones she bought on Amazon.  

This simple swap isn’t going to magically result in loads of extra space, but it does make your closet look a whole lot more streamlined. “It’s just as efficient; it’s just all about the size,” as Jacobs put it. To see what all the hype was about, I popped into a Target and bought a pack of five Brightroom kids’ hangers for $4 to put to the test. 

Target Brightroom Kids’ Hangers


Brightroom 5-Pack Kids’ Flocked Hangers in White, Target ($4)

Nonslip hangers are the key here, as they minimize sliding. The Target ones I picked up use 80 percent recycled PET for the interior structure—another little perk to feel good about. I’ve been using them for jeans, pleated trousers, and skirts, and the hangers’ shorter width makes the weight distribution nice and even, so nothing gets knocked out of place accidentally. As Jacobs attests, you see more of your clothing and less of your hanger, which makes it easier to find and pluck what you need when you’re in a rush. Not to mention they’re big upgrade from my old clip hangers, which inevitably left behind indentations. While I wasn’t expecting any surprises, it was still satisfying to confirm: This is a Tiktok hack that really does work.

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