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Drew Barrymore’s hot take on picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day present: Think about yourself. The best gifts are something you want for yourself, the ones you secretly are struggling to give away,” the actor and talk show host recently shared in conversation with Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson. As the marketplace’s first-ever “chief gifting officer,” Barrymore revealed the items she’s eyeing right now and her gifting dos and don’ts. One thing she’ll never regift? Something she doesn’t like. “I’m so scared I’m going to get caught,” she said with a laugh. But if you’re stuck in a situationship and questioning whether to get that sort of special person something at all? She’ll tell you to go for it: “I don’t think a gift ever hurts. If it’s too much for that person, you just bought yourself a gift.” 

Etsy’s brand-new Gift Mode setting, which uses AI to narrow down presents by a person’s interest and the occasion, is one way to sift through the platform’s millions of vendors. Or for an even more curated experience, read on for Barrymore’s favorite ideas.

The Personalized Piece You Can Give Anyone This Valentine’s Day

I got my daughters and myself pencils on Etsy that we were able to personally inscribe (I got some that say Frankie Foodle Noodle, because that’s [Frankie’s] nickname, and Olive Bear, because that’s [Olive’s] nickname). The art of writing is so important; you can write on anything, and it doesn’t have to be their name. You can get a keychain or a frame and personalize it with etches or a monogram; you could buy a mirror and write a little note in lipstick, wrap it up, and then that person can either keep that message or take it off. 

What I’d Get Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu for Galentine’s Day

I collect and love napkins, so vintage or monogrammed napkins. You could just do a set of six. I also don’t think a candle is ever a bad idea—it gives the best lighting and changes the energy in a room. There’s something so beautiful about that.

The Best Gift You Can Get Someone for Their Home

Art isn’t usually something we think to give people because it’s so personal, but so much of the art I have has been gifted. The gift of art can be very affordable and very impactful.

My Most Memorable Etsy Purchase to Date 

I have vintage floral towels, and every time I put them over the shower rod to dry, I am so happy. I feel like I’m in the 1950s or the ‘70s, living my life. I can’t find any towels in the modern age that make me feel like [that].

The Best Thing You Can Get Me

I’m a sock enthusiast. Get me fun socks any day. 

How to Impress Someone Who Is Notoriously Hard to Buy For

I was [recently invited to] a dinner with someone who has everything, and I didn’t know them very well. It happened to be raining that day, [so] I took a mason jar, put it outside, and collected rainwater. I put the lid on and then I wrote in Sharpie on top, “Dear So-and-So, I collected rainwater in honor of your birthday.” The reaction I got was way more overwhelming than I would have ever guessed. You could draw or type something out and put it in a cheap little 4-by-6 photo frame. It will mean so much.