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If you were among the lucky ones who managed to secure the coveted Drew chair, named for its creator, Drew Barrymore, before it vanished from shelves, you know the magic it brings to your space. (Barrymore compares the curvy bouclé-covered piece to a warm hug.) But the talk-show host, and now furniture designer, isn’t just leaving you with a single seat—she’s also sharing the finishing touches for an irresistibly cozy corner.

Barrymore’s Nook collection for Walmart is all about the accessories that beg you to curl up with a good book or sip your favorite beverage. For minimalists, her new nubby pillows will blend right into all that bouclé. And for those who prefer to punch it up with a pattern, there are cushions embroidered with delicate florals in the mix. (Just make sure the supremely soft chenille throw is within arm’s reach to complete your slice of sanctuary.) 

If we had to guess what will sell out first, we’d put bets on the arched storage cabinet–slash–bookshelf. The fluted unit isn’t just a stylish option to stow your latest reads. Beneath the open shelving lies a discreet compartment designed to create a clutter-free appearance for tucking away items like extra blankets. And if you’re still pining for that dreamy Drew chair, you’re in luck because, with this latest launch, that’s been restocked, too.

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