Pottery Barn Is Bringing Back a Favorite ’90s Organization Brand

The star? A closet with 66 possible configurations.
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Before Marie Kondo taught us how to fold our T-shirts and velvet hangers became the It way to hang all our other wardrobe staples, there was Hold Everything—a brand of organizational solutions launched by Williams Sonoma, Inc back in 1983 and later picked up by Pottery Barn in 1993. For the 23 years that the line was around before shutting its doors in 2006, its products were a favorite among home organizers. Now Pottery Barn is bringing the Hold Everything name back, starting with the release of the Essential Closet

The Hold Everything Essential Closet, Pottery Barn (from $763)

This relaunch doesn’t encompass just one item—technically it’s 66. Because between the 25 components that are available, that’s how many ways you can configure it, whether you’re looking to outfit a reach-in closet in your entry or optimize a large walk-in. The systems are constructed from solid wood and metal frames, which helps justify the cost (the walk-in versions range from $1,123 to $4,305; the reach-in styles are anywhere between $763 and $3,061). Coinciding with the launch, the brand will be hosting a sweepstakes, where customers will have the chance to enter to win a total closet makeover from the new Hold Everything Essential Closet system. (Psst: You can sign up here.)

If you are stuck on what type of arrangement might suit your needs best, here are three ideas to get you started: 

If It’s Shoes You’re Struggling to Store

shoe racks
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Dedicate half of a 5-foot-tall system to your footwear and maximize the other side by opting for double rods (long items like pants and dresses can always be folded over the hanger so they don’t drag on the floor). 

If Seeing Tidy Things Instantly Soothes You

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Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Having a spot to neatly display your cashmere sweaters, perfumes, or prized handbags will make you feel calm, even if there is a mess accumulating elsewhere in your room. Plus the addition of a glass door promises your favorite things won’t accumulate dust. 

If You and Your Roomie Want to Be as Diplomatic as Possible

cabinet in between hangers
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

A mirrored setup like this is ideal for couples or friends who want to feel like they are divvying up their storage evenly. You can each get a dedicated cabinet and drawers, and from there customize how you want to hang. 

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