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The year is 1998 and you’ve decided to take a bath. You gather up all the essentials: a cucumber melon candle from Bath and Body Works; some Mr. Bubble; and the most exciting addition of all: that tub of jelly-like orbs that you’ll toss in your bathwater with a most satisfying pop, otherwise known as bath beads.

Today, they may seem like a distant memory—maybe you’ve totally forgotten about them until this very moment. But thanks to Fur, the company behind the pubic hair oil that Emma Watson swears by, they’ve returned in a very big way, and this time they’re all-natural and sensitive skin–friendly. “Bath beads from the ’90s were an incredibly relaxing experience, but in today’s beauty landscape they don’t hold up to our vegan, clean ingredient standards,” say founders Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung. “We decided to create Bath Drops to bring back a familiar and soothing feeling, while elevating it to be in line with our modern-day standards.”

Made with clary sage, jojoba, and grapeseed oils, and encased in seaweed capsules (as opposed to traditional gelatin), the Bath Drops not only make bathtime feel special—they’re also formulated to hydrate and soothe skin and hair. “Baths have been a universal self-care experience since seemingly the dawn of time, from Cleopatra’s palace to your apartment tub,” Schubert and Tung say, and if you’re taking the time to treat yourself with this stress-easing ritual, you might as well maximize the benefits. Just take a deep breath, let the water run, and have fun bursting a few of those Drops.

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Bath Drops, Fur ($34)

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