Julie Vadnal

Julie Vadnal

Deputy Editor

Julie Vadnal is deputy editor of Domino, where she edits and writes stories about shopping for new and vintage furniture, covers new products (and the tastemakers who love them), and tours the homes of cool creatives. She lives in Brooklyn.


  • Expertise includes vintage furniture shopping, discovering hip hotels, and Instagram scrolling for cool homes and creatives for Domino—it’s a real skill.
  • Interests include touring Brooklyn’s food scene, reading 20-plus books a year, and sending snail-mail whenever possible.
  • Previous staff experience includes ELLE, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Cosmopolitan.


Julie has been covering design and culture since she started her career at ELLE magazine, where she interviewed everyone from Solange Knowles to Amy Poehler. Then, at Martha Stewart Weddings, she got a crash course in DIY and styling, while also bringing a fresh, pop-culture voice to the text. At Cosmopolitan, Julie oversaw food and lifestyle coverage, while also writing features and packages on everything from sexual health to travel.

At Domino, Julie has appeared on panels as an expert in home design and styling while also overseeing shopping content, covering store openings, and discovering the new guarde of cool creatives. She collaborates with designers and brands on stories that feel of-the-moment and timeless all at one.


Vadnal graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Journalism in Magazine Journalism.

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