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Last night, as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend watched the Grammy Awards from home, the Cravings founder and her musician husband posed to show off their WFH (watch from home) outfits, which included a Versace robe and a tasseled skirt. There was also a Miles cameo and—according to our plant-focused pupils—an aglaonema aka a Chinese evergreen houseplant.


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It actually makes perfect sense that the notoriously down-to-earth pair would own this leafy guy. For example, Chinese evergreens don’t require a lot of light, which makes them easy to plop just about anywhere in your home. (It looks like the couple’s is below a staircase. All good!) They also are extremely hardy, so forgetting a weekly watering is no big deal. (After all, Teigen and Legend are busy people.) And the no-fuss plant won’t wilt if your California (or Midwest or East Coast) air is lacking humidity for a little while either. They’re impressive without requiring a ton of attention. In other words: Aspiring plant parents, this one is for you. 

More good news: They’re a cinch to buy online and come in lots of varieties. Rooted sells its Chinese evergreen in two sizes, starting at $22, and Greendigs offers up a pink version in a ceramic planter for $54. Plantz currently has four options, each one a riff on leaf color and pattern, from striped to silver-tinged. And because they come in grow pots, the styling possibilities are endless. Here are four planters we’d try with a Chinese evergreen to get the Teigen-Legend look.