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white bedroom with brown velvet pillows and wreath above bed

The Best Way to Split Rent When Your Rooms Are Different Sizes

Without sacrificing your roomie relationship.

More Than 500 Owners of Second Homes Weigh in on What Really Matters in a Vacation Property

More Than 500 Owners of Second Homes Weigh in on What Really Matters in a Vacation Property

Spoiler alert: Make it a road trip away.

dwell adu

There’s a New Prefab ADU on the Block, and Its Kitchen Is Nicer Than Most Homes

The coffee bar turns into a coat closet based on your needs.

home with landscaping

Your Neighbors Are Definitely Judging Your Home on These 3 Details

How to keep the critics at bay.

bedroom with orange and red striped walls

If You Want to Airbnb as a Side Hustle, This Is the City With the Highest Profit Margins

Calling all football fans.

back yard with pool

The States Where You Can Find the Most Acreage, Despite Record-Low Lot Sizes

And how to make the most of what you’ve got.

black home exterior

This Uncontrollable Feature May Affect Your Home’s Value More Than Square Footage

It’s all in the name.

city brownstone with bike out front

Zillow Gives Us a New Reason to Stay Up Late and Casually Peruse Different Neighborhoods

How you get from point A to point B matters.

shingled home exterior with natural wood door

Move Over Salt Lake City, the New Hottest Zip Codes of 2022 Are All in This Region

Go Patriots?

Green entryway.

A Black Front Door Isn’t the Only Exterior Update That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

This revamp has a farmhouse rap but countless modern takes.

black front door

The Rent Is Still Too Damn High, But Here’s Where You Actually Can Save on Your Home

And it doesn’t involve a landlord.

brown home exterior with wood door

What Those Sky-High Mortgage Rates Mean for Renovations

If you can’t buy it, build it.

Front door.

We Asked a Real Estate Agent How to Navigate a Hot Market as a First-Time Home Buyer

This unpopular listing detail is a secret opportunity.

exterior of home with red door

These Fixer-Upper–Filled Cities Are Gold Mines for Renovators

All you need is $60,000 and a vision.

kitchen with blue cabinets

Skip the Freshly Baked Cookies—These Are the Scents That Sell Homes Faster

Your open house needs this other warm treat.

flowers on front steps

47% of Recent Buyers Have Skipped This Once Crucial House-Hunting Step

Here are three tips for taking a leap of faith.

chairs by a pool

56% of Home Buyers Would Pick This Value-Increasing Asset Over a Pool

Plus how to maximize your year-round perk.

front door

Paint Your Front Door One of These Two Colors to Boost Your Home’s Value

Shop our favorite shades.