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Amazon Prime’s new web series Modern Love, based on the weekly column published by The New York Times, offers a window into the worlds of real New Yorkers—including the spaces they inhabit. In episode three, we meet Anne Hathaway’s character Lexi, whose book-filled, pre-war studio is the kind we all fantasize about (picture original molding and natural light galore). Well, daydream no longer. Her home wasn’t a set—it’s an actual apartment in Nolita, and Compass Real Estate is selling it for $3.5 million

Turns out, it actually spans 1,800 square feet and comes with two bedrooms and 14 windows, explaining the hefty price tag. The set decorators managed to make the place look like a studio by cleverly arranging the furniture in the open kitchen-living-dining space. (After comparing the show with the listing photos, it looks like they ended up using a lot of the existing pieces, too). Ah, the magic of television. We don’t feel slighted in the least. In fact, we walked away from Hathaway’s fictional flat with three key small-space decorating tips:

Let the Architecture Determine the Layout

In real life, the alcove in Hathaway’s living room is designated as an office of sorts, but in the show, her character squeezed a mattress and two small nightstands in there. The bed tends to soak up the most room in a studio, so putting it in a niche that feels separate from the rest of the space is a smart move.

Treat Furniture As Walls

An open floor plan in a studio is a double-edged sword. The bright and airy aspect is great and all, but it makes maintaining a sense of privacy tough. Lexi’s bed faces the back of a three-seater sofa, which visually divides the gathering area from the “bedroom,” no demolition required.

Use Corners to Your Advantage

The first peek we get of Hathaway’s apartment is when she walks through the door and tosses her keys on a gilded antique corner shelf. Even though there’s zero formal entryway to speak of, the mirror-backed piece makes the tiny nook feel like one. (Plus, it’s just a chic approach to traditional storage.) 

We might not be able to afford Hathaway’s TV apartment, but at least our current places will look like a million bucks. 

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