Silicon Valley Is Already Flocking to What Will Be 2021’s Most Popular City

Economists and real-estate experts are also on board.
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Now that most of us have adapted to remote working, we’ve never felt so free to pack up our stuff and put roots down somewhere new. But we know that closing our eyes, picking a spot on a map, and moving there isn’t for everyone. Sometimes we need that expert stamp of approval, and that’s exactly what Zillow just gave us. 

The real-estate site polled a panel of economists, investment strategists, and property experts on which housing markets they predict will be the most popular places to move to in 2021. An overwhelming 84 percent of those surveyed said Austin (last year’s top pick) would once again outperform the national average home value growth. The pros attribute the draw to the destination’s sunny weather and relatively affordable, family-size homes (in comparison to pricey coastal towns). 

Another factor weighing on everyone’s mind? Texas doesn’t have income taxes. A recent report from The New York Times suggests this is the real reason so many tech executives from San Francisco are flocking to the capital city. One person even claimed the extra financial freedom meant they could finally get a cat and a dog.

If barbecue and rodeos aren’t up your alley, never fear: Phoenix; Nashville; and Tampa, Florida are also on this year’s must-watch list. The sunbelt is looking even brighter these days. 

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