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yellow wallpapered bathroom

I Wallpapered My Bathroom—Learn From My Mistakes

Pros weigh in on how to make it right.

slatted walnut cabinet

In This Narrow Seattle Kitchen, a Walnut-Lined “Super-Pantry” Saves the Day

The sidekick? A broom cabinet.

white closet

11 IKEA Built-In Hacks Clever Enough to Fool Any Millworker

When Swedish design becomes one with your home.

blue door

How to Nail Curb Appeal in 2024, According to 11 Designers

Would you paint your house dusty lavender?

wood vanity

This $240 Floating Vanity Is Our Reno Pick From Wayfair’s Cyber Monday Sale

As seen in one of our favorite home tours.

archway leading to pantry

The 11 Home Updates Designers Want to See You Make in 2024

Color drenching is next year’s answer to a clean slate.

yellow and blue kitchen

A “Nothing Too Shiny or New” Mantra Led These Designers to a Turmeric-Hued Kitchen

The space used to feel like the ’80s, but now it’s more 1800s.

large modern living room

This Real-Estate Agent Saw Reno Potential in a Stagnant Home—Now Its Value Has Doubled

Shrinking the pool was actually a game changer.

Corridor with library ladder

You Won’t Easily Find the Laundry Room in This Atlanta Reno—And That’s the Point

Secret storage for the win.

gray cabinets in beachy room

13 Modern Kitchen Cabinets That Are So Much More Than Sleek Panels

Cool and collected but not at all sterile.

green bathroom

The 9 Best IKEA Hacks We Saw All Year, Ranked

Starting with a tie-dyed Söderhamn sofa.

rocking chair in corner

For $500, My Rental Bedroom Went From Plain White to Cottage-Worthy

Now it’s a sage green dream.

walnut headboard

Dare We Say, This Brown-on-Brown L.A. Kitchen Beats Bright and Airy Any Day

It’s as delicious as a piece of chocolate.

Wood ladder leaning on sage green kitchen cabinet doors.

These 13 Kitchens Prove That Sageing Your Cabinets Is the Ultimate Design Cleanse

From London to Laurel Canyon, these spaces set the tone.

chair at plywood desk

Tales From a Basement Reno: “All I Knew Was I Wanted a Concrete Floor With Plywood Millwork”

The bold Formica counters came later.

woman in kitchen with son

This Airy Bungalow Reno Got a Last-Minute Dose of Oxblood Drama in the Kitchen

Plus a front yard that’s actually usable.

fluted wood vanity

This Philadelphia Townhouse Is Technically Smaller Post-Reno, But It Feels Grander

Ditching the sunroom actually meant gaining a sunny room.

Kitchen with black counters and champagne sink

This Montana Kitchen Had One Very Literal Champagne Problem

Now it chills bubbly and water alike.