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Just because the real-estate industry is experiencing a booming seller’s market doesn’t mean you can’t still try and get the most bang for your buck. According to Zillow’s latest report, home buyers continue to demand a lot from their spaces in this new WFH world, like high-speed broadband connections and dedicated areas for an office. So much so, they’re willing to pay almost 4 percent more than the asking price of a place if it comes with certain updated features. Sellers who really want to take advantage of the low inventory and skyrocketing prices will want to make some key swaps in the kitchen.

For the second year in a row, a steam oven tops the list as the most desirable feature (people are willing to pay 3.7 percent more for a house with one). The high-tech appliance retains up to 25 percent more vitamin content in food than conventional versions, resulting in healthier and all-around tastier meals (gone are the days of dried-out chicken). When mentioned in a property’s listing description, the fancy tool signals your space is thoughtfully designed and likely has other high-end upgrades, so don’t stop there.

Buyers aren’t only looking for top-of-the-line appliances and gadgets.  Easy-to-clean, durable quartz countertops can boost your space’s value by 2.3 percent, while heated floors have a price premium of 2.4 percent. Style is also a big draw: Apparently listings that spotlight modern farmhouse elements can go for 3 percent more than expected, so now is the time to install an apron-front sink and add a shiplap accent wall to your breakfast nook. Once your reno is complete, sit back, relax, and watch those offers roll in.