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Forget baking cookies to make your house smell more welcoming—one of the best things you can do to help your real-estate chances may be rewording your listing. A new report from Zillow dives into how highlighting specific features impacts selling price. The verdict? Modern farmhouse style is associated with a 10.3 percent sale premium. Our respect to Chip and Jo

We already know there are certain logistical ways to beef up your home’s résumé: waiting to list until April, for example, or making sure keywords like granite countertops and hardwood floors are prominently included. So while you don’t need to undertake any costly renovations—the survey also shows that while there’s a clear positive correlation with price premiums and the words modern farmhouse, ROI on these features is unclear—if you already have a shiplap-filled space, flaunt it. You picked those rustic kitchen cabinets for a reason, right?

If not, maybe you can boast about some other custom details. Waterfall countertop callouts earned 9.4 percent more than the expected price—get in on the trend by opting for an unexpected material, like blue marble. Anyone with Moroccan tile (looking at you, Garance Doré) is in luck: The high-contrast geometric pattern is worth a 7.3 percent increase when spotlighted in a listing. You’ve already done the heavy lifting; all it takes is a strategic sales pitch. 


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