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black and white kitchen

How a Designer Made Her L.A. Fixer-Upper Family-Friendly (and Eventually Resale Ready)

The kitchen shows no signs of a hasty flip.

chic living room with blue sofa

Old Meets New on Park Avenue in This Family-Friendly NYC Apartment Reno

Even tiny city kitchens deserve a breakfast nook.

curved window

This Musician’s Arch-Filled California Home Is Something Out of a Fairy Tale

Once upon a renovation…

breakfast nook

This Designer’s Home Was Overwhelmed by Wood Trim—Now It’s Like a Cool Hotel

A moody living room reno sets the stage for a staycation.

living room with record storage

This Extra-Long L.A. Living Room Is Really Three Mini Spaces in One

Each with its own purpose.

velvet chair at table

After a Leaky Pipe Disaster, This Designer Reimagined Her Office With Smarter Storage

And brought in a bar cart.

sage green paneled walls with dog on sofa

No Contractor, No Problem—How One Stylist Renovated Her Basement During Lockdown

Sage green paint fixes many issues.

kid on floor

This Designer Mom Reimagined Her Home’s Wet Bar as a Playroom

And the office as a nursery.

wood kitchen

The 10 Most Popular Renovations We Featured in 2021

Before-and-after heaven.

giant blue bunk bed structure

A Slide and a Wonder Woman Theme Topped This Kid’s Bedroom Makeover Requests

Her DIYing mom delivered.

green house

Marine-Grade Plywood Turned This Split-Level’s Most Problematic Area Into a Statement

It (literally!) elevated it.

stone fireplace

With 3 Months to Renovate, This Family Put Scrap 2-by-4s and Old Ceiling Parts to Use

A tiny red house gets a big refresh.

blue living room

A 1920s Tudor Reno in Waco, Texas, That Traded Shiplap for Bold Paint

Shades of brown never looked so good.

navy hallway with view of kitchen

A Brooklyn Co-Op Got the Parisian Café Treatment Thanks to a Big Marble Purchase

And jewel-toned walls that took six months to decide on.

woman in dining room

Hidden Within This Once Dated Dining Room’s Walls Was a Charming Brick Arch

Goodbye to the ’80s paneling and carpet.

navy blue kitchen cabinets

A Platform Tub and Mismatched Floors Didn’t Deter These First-Time Brownstone Buyers

They brought a slice of Hawaii to their new kitchen.

Bobby Berk Shares a Sneak Peek of His Latest Before and After

Bobby Berk Shares a Sneak Peek of His Latest Before and After

Coming soon to a TV near you.

Emily Henderson’s Latest “Flash Makeover” Is Truly Jaw-Dropping

Emily Henderson’s Latest “Flash Makeover” Is Truly Jaw-Dropping

Now, that’s a before and after.