before & after: a guest room makeover

A drab space gets the ultimate reno.

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The poor guest bedroom, it’s often the graveyard for forgotten and mismatched furniture. That douvet you’re not in love with any more? In the guest bedroom. The furniture from your first apartment? In the guest bedroom. That piece of art you made when you were feeling crafty? In the guest bedroom. Our poor guests often have to see the worst part of our house (and our past). It’s understandable that there’s other areas in your home that are a priority, especially when the budget is tight but once you’ve got the rest of your space more or less how you would like it, it’s time to make your guests feel special in their home away from home. Britt from My Daily Randomness decided to transform her mismatched mess of a guest room into a modern, fresh and welcoming retreat for her guests. The transformation is amazing and budget friendly (bonus!) with two fab DIY projects.

The plan was to make white the dominant color with warm and rustic accents and Britt nailed it. The splurge was the luxe bedding to give her guests a hotel stay feel and the save was the DIY night stands and headboard. When you can’t find exactly what you want or it’s out of your budget, make it!

Head over to My Daily Randomness to see the tutorial on how to make these great custom pieces. The guest room is where you can really have some fun with styling because it doesn’t see as much use. Just be careful because if you make the room too cozy your guests may never want to leave. I know I wouldn’t. Great job Britt!

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