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Before & After: A Mod Farmhouse Gets An Industrial Makeover

Inside a SoCal remodel that masters natural light and flow.
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Now a joyful, light-filled home, you’d never guess that this Orange County abode was once a dark and disconnected space. While the home’s owners were always optimistic about the space’s potential, they needed an extra push to turn their design dreams into a reality—cue Cali-based Interior Designer, Lindye Galloway. Determined to transform the home’s choppy layout and lack of natural light, Galloway focused on introducing a much-needed sense of openness to the home’s main living spaces, while also incorporating soft metallic accents.

The result? An inspiring before-and-after that’s truly a testament to contemporary farmhouse living. Read on to learn how the designer championed a less-than-ideal floor plan, and her tips for seamlessly blending contrasting aesthetics.

What were your client’s main goals with this makeover?

The main goal was to create an open floor plan with style. We needed to make it functional for a family as well as entertaining, but ensure that the look of the home exuded their style and created a place they would love to call “home.”

Where did you begin with the redesign?

With this design, we started with blowing out separating walls and vaulting the ceilings, which instantly made it feel larger. Then we put in large pocket sliding doors, big windows, and skylights to capture all that natural light. Then, we layered in all the finishes for a clean, modern, farmhouse look.

What was the biggest design challenge you faced with this project?

The biggest design challenge we faced initially was the layout. The house’s footprint before was so funky that we needed to find a way to open it up and create a cohesive flow. Once we found a way to make that work well, we then decided to add more room with an addition to the master bedroom. Sometimes more is more!


What was the primary inspiration behind the decor?

Our clients really love the farmhouse style but wanted to give it a modern feel and slight industrial touch. We aimed to bring together the right elements by mixing in shiplap walls and a Dutch door with modern tile and black metal accents.


Each space is filled with charming details. What design component are you most proud of?

I love the kitchen with all the details and styles it has mixed in. The cabinets are modern shaker cabinets with a little bead detail around the edges to soften it, with black hardware for the industrial touch. The island features the X for that true farmhouse feel topped with a modern Neolith marble countertop (that is also a durable for families!). The backsplash adds texture while the reclaimed open shelves create a spot for decorative dishes. And the pendants are the final touch of blended looks!


The rope chandelier in the dining room is pretty incredible. What led to the decision behind that piece?

This was an area that we really wanted to highlight the farmhouse feel, around the table for evening dining. This rope chandelier was the perfect way to bring that in through a really unique piece.


What are your go-to tips for integrating two different styles in the home?

It’s all about blending the styles in just the right way. We always start by finding our favorite aspects of each style and then work to marry those items. It’s important to make sure each style is represented but you also don’t want elements competing with one another. It’s a delicate balance. But for this project, we focused on bringing in the things you’d want and expect to see in a farmhouse, like shiplap and reclaimed elements. Then we gave it a modern touch by creating cabinets with clean lines, shiplap with smooth edges and trendy tile.


We love the bathroom! How did you approach this space?

This bathroom felt like creating a piece of art and took forever. We had this idea for taking this marble and cutting it in such a way that when pieced together would create this incredible chevron wall. It was hours of cutting and perfectly placing, but it was worth it! The mirrors and brass wall mount faucets gave it that final modern touch.


Now that the project is complete, what is your client’s favorite spot in the home?

It’s safe to say they love their kitchen and master bath the most. The wife loves soaking in her master bath tub after making homemade bread in her new kitchen. Not a bad day in my book.


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