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It wasn’t visions of sugarplums dancing in Jennifer Lopez and her cousins’ heads over the holidays, it was homemade waffles with whipped cream and cranberry compote. The performer ’grammed a Reel of her family’s all-hands-on-deck cooking project the day after Christmas, revealing her soaring, sun-filled kitchen in the process. 

Although the marble countertops and cream cabinets are classic choices, this isn’t any old neutral space. That’s in large part because of an unexpected industrial element smack in the middle. Instead of a backsplash, the sink sits in front of a counter-to-ceiling, steel-framed window that looks out onto dense foliage. Designer Melanie Turner is a fellow devotee of the detail. Her best advice? “Use it sparingly so that it becomes a feature.” Check.

Elsewhere in the room, the vent hood’s rough-hewn wood beam has the opposite effect of the metal, pulling the kitchen in a more rustic direction so that there’s not one easy way to define its style.


The island also deviates from your standard offering. It’s got the bones of a dining table—there are no drawers or shelves underneath—but the function of a work surface thanks to its countertop height and extra-large footprint. (If you’re in the market for a similar piece, DeVol’s antique-inspired Dairy Table is one of our favorites.) So although it took six people to make breakfast, they could all do it in tandem in one kitchen.