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It’s baby number five for our favorite Fixer Upper duo and honestly, we couldn’t be more thrilled. One, because a world with another Gaines is one we want to live in and two, because we get the opportunity to source inspiration for what we think (read: hope and want) their new nursery to look like.

Drawing from the extended numbers of episodes we’ve seen of Fixer Upper, coupled with the fact that we keep pretty close tabs on them—it’s safe to say that we have a relatively solid grasp of what their aesthetic will entail. Modern-farmhouse is the one in question and with that in mind, we rounded up a handful of nurseries that fit the bill and will (hopefully, if you’re reading this Chip and Jo) serve as a source of inspiration for the budding family of seven (to be). Take a look.

No nursery is complete sans a charming spot decked with rich textiles and a stuffed animal (or three). This sunny corner makes the most of the abundance of natural light, resulting in an oh-so-cozy zone that doubles as the ultimate reading or lounging nook.

Layered textiles, cozy textures, and a statement-worthy wooden mobile complete this laidback, Cali-cool nursery, which is about as dreamy as they get. We’re loving the way the subdued furnishings and whitewashed backdrop are elevated by the abundant slew of patterned throws and blankets.

Modern crib, rustic backdrop, such are the markings of the quintessence of the aesthetic, and this quaint nursery is all the proof one could want or need. And for as stunning as that all is, our favorite detail might just have to be the playful patterning on the floor—one we’re confident that Dad can easily recreate himself.

Whitewashed minimalism is great and all but we would be hard-pressed to pass on an unexpected pop of color, especially one that comes in the form of a wallpapered ceiling. We can see Chip and Jo taking a page out of Jenny Komenda‘s book and pairing the nursery with a similarly playful detail.

Just in case the duo wants to throw us for a loop and opt for a design scheme that skews a little outside of their traditional scope, we’d like to think that they would opt for a nursery a little something like this one. Designed by

emily henderson

the space itself is relatively modest and subdued but thanks to the vibrantly intricate, panoramic wallpaper, the room is transformed into a serene oasis.

We love this picture-perfect spot so much that we’re inclined to pick apart elements from it and recreate it in our own homes: Whitewashed walls, maple wood furnishings, exotically-sourced textiles, and a handful of color accents that pop? It’s perfection. That being said, it can still serve as the ideal nursery for our fave TV couple, with its modern-meets-rustic finish that just about errs on the slightly edgier side.

We don’t foresee space being an issue for the couple but if it were—or you know, if you were interested in recreating this aesthetic in your own space—we imagine that it would look a little something like this dreamy spot. While essentially neutral, an array of woven textures, earthy accents, and lively greens instantly elevate this mini closet-turned-nursery.

Less of a nursery and more of an aspirational spot for when the newest member of the Gaines clan grows, Keren Craig’s upstate New York digs brings on major style and inspo for a nursery. This richly textured room embodies the quintessence of an elegant-meets-modern-farmhouse aesthetic with the paneled walls and cozy built-ins.

Jenni Kayne’s newly debuted Baby Gift collection (hint, hint, baby shower gifts) is serving up all the decor envy—and it’s not entirely limited to the array of neutrally-charged pieces. We’re swooning over the collective scene, led by a dynamic slew of natural materials, soft textures, and wooden details. Consider it an effortlessly elegant take on the modern farmhouse look.

Here’s what else the couple as going on:

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