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WALLPAPER ON CEILING Daydream by Julia Rothman hyggeandwest.com FABRIC ON ROCKER Cross Lane by Sunbrella sunbrella.com

Performance fabrics have come a long way, making them ideal for family living.

photography & words by   JENNY KOMENDA


which is resistant to stains, fading, and moisture, has come so far in recent years and is well suited for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor Fabric used to look and feel like plastic, but now performance fabrics are available in soft, thick woven materials, including deep pile velvets and linens. Using performance fabric indoors gives you peace of mind in knowing that your upholstered furniture is protected from sun fading, spills, and pet stains. These textiles work well in playrooms and nurseries or high-traffic areas like the living room, mudroom, and kitchen.


fabrics are made the same, so it’s important to look for textiles that are only 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic, like Sunbrella, or a more recent patented technology, like Crypton. Solution-dyed acrylic fabric means that the color is not just printed on top of the fibers. The dye is added during the fiber-manufacturing process and the color runs all the way through, making it nearly impossible to fade or alter with cleaning products. Most solution-dyed acrylic fabrics can hold up to bleach. New technologies have also advanced performance fabric. Crypton is a stain-resistant, super-soft fabric that causes stains to bead up and be wiped away.


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