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Cora L. Diekman

Rustic-modern decor is having a major moment right now, adding an organic element to ultra sleek and contemporary spaces.  In this lovely room, plush bedding and bold textiles create a modern mood that’s cozy and inviting.  The bison print in monochromatic tones plays well with the modern motif, and adds a rustic Western Americana feel.

If you crave a

gallery wall

look, a collection of different pieces can create a lovely modern prairie feel.  Including at least one landscape print is key to achieving the right vibe.

No one does rustic-modern better than Kara Rosenlund, and this living room is proof.  Rich, warm hues and gorgeous photography create a dreamy upscale Montana cabin-feel that is surprisingly modern in design.

If your taste leans more towards modern than rustic, consider art that depicts the rolling prairie landscape in bold, abstract compositions.

In this sitting nook, Scandinavian meets the American West with rustic elements in soft, nearly-pastel hues.

Even a bright, modern, beachy space can tap into its rustic side.  This California bungalow by

amber interiors

uses simple organic landscape photography – like this grassland print – to inject a touch of softness.

Everything in this hallway plays well together to create a modern take on Western decor.  The deep brown of the rug and an ornately carved wooden entry table pair perfectly with the crispness of the black and white photography.

Vintage landscape art and an iron bed create a dreamy guest room with plenty of comfortable, homey feels.

Move over beach art – modern prairie art is happening now, and taking center stage in many dining room spaces.

Faded wall art in a Western prairie theme creates a sweet nursery space that’s playful and handsome enough to last through childhood.

Bison, bison, everywhere!  Oversized art in a modern frame almost mimics a window with amazing wildlife views.

Abstract grassland prints are versatile enough to pair with other decor themes – including this bold pink kilim rug.

This dining room is proof that prairie themed art doesn’t have to be monochromatic, drab, or even subtle.  Hello, color!

This artwork by Jayne Littleton Jones is a unique perspective on prairie life, with vintage homespun charm.

This larger than life print is reason enough to try oversized art in small spaces.  Not only does this piece set the theme, but it makes a major design statement.

While the ocean may not be prairie-themed, the horse has definite Western vibes, and the modern Instagram-like filter on the photograph gives the print a dreamy modern feel.

Artwork doesn’t have to follow the same theme in the case of a gallery wall – and especially in spaces as eclectic as this.

Rustic prints in cool tones?  Yes – you can find Western art in hues in cool colorscapes.

This gallery wall looks like an enviable collection of travel photographs, with lots of lush landscapes.  A mix of wood tones enhances the rustic vibe, and gives the look a curated feel.  Whether you take your own photographs or source them online, this is a great gallery wall idea for small spaces or an awkward corner.

At this size, a single well-placed faux head can set just the right mood – no prints necessary.

The casual way that this space is arranged gives the room a vacation-cabin feel, with just enough rich color, wood tones, and rural landscape art to set the perfect prairie vibe.

Careful use of only three decor elements – a single animal head, geometric wall hangings, and a Native American-themed blanket is enough to set the mood for a chic Western Americana space.

A single rustic horse print is the easiest way to achieve a look that’s so prairie-chic.

In this modern white-on-white kitchen, a vintage prairie oil painting gives this space a touch of romance and sophistication.

Soft blues and browns create a lovely combination for rustic relaxation – complete with a single vintage landscape print.

This oversized photograph of a deer bed creates an unexpected piece of wall art that’s modern, monochromatic, and almost abstract in its composition.

It’s not all about prints and canvas art – wall murals can create plenty of rustic prairie feels, too.

This ornately framed landscape painting in wide gold trim is the epitome of vintage Americana romance.

A collection of paintings in flowers and landscapes gives any space a flair of farmhouse-inspired charm. Image

In our dream vacation cabin rental, we’re having morning coffee at this enchantingly retro table.

Simple horse sketches are a modern twist on paintings or photography, complete with sleek gold frames.  Monochromatic and minimal, they still exude plenty of rustic prairie vibes.