13 target hacks we’re tackling this summer

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Not all summer days are lazy. Sometimes stellar weather and free time need to be filled with a little creative productivity. Enter our newest round of Target Hacks, ideas for increasing the functionality of your space using finds from one of our favorite home essentials destinations. Read on for space-saving, cost-conscious Target Hacks to try at home this summer.

entryway organizer #1

A simple shelf typically reserved for the living room or hallway makes its entryway debut with the addition of underside hooks. This is an excellent option for those in small spaces who don’t have the mudroom or coat closet they might want. Make sure your shelf is securely mounted to account for the weight of coats, umbrellas, and (if you chose) bags.

Target item: Shelf.

pushpin-free bulletin board

Display cards, letters, and other treasures without taking up a flat surface (in high demand in small spaces!) and without poking a bunch of tiny holes in the wall or keeping sharp objects around. This would be great in a kiddo’s room!

Target items: Clips, clips, sink grid.

artistic addition

A super-simple way to add a bit of texture to your

gallery wall

Tape a pattern of your choosing over a basket or tray with painter’s tape, and create a custom piece of art–fast!

Target item: Tray.

minimalist desk with storage

A simple set of drawers become one end of a DIY desk. Just add legs at the other end and the top surface of your choice and you’ve created a workspace with plenty of space to store your stuff.

Target item: Drawers.

simple storage bench

If corralling the kids’ clutter and creating extra seating are two tough jobs to tackle, DIY a piece that accomplishes both goals easily. Add a plywood top to as many wood bins as you need, and add custom color (or cushions!) for extra fun.

Target item: Bins.

entryway organizer #2

For those with a bit more space, this chic leaning ladder gets an upgrade from a few simple hooks and a smartly placed storage basket.

Target items: Ladder, basket.

shoe storage/display

Some shoes aren’t meant to be hidden in a closet. Your most perfect pairs can perch on this shelf for easy access, and a bit of couture eye-candy. Use this where square footage is scarce and wall space is being wasted.

Target item: Shelf.

ugly wall sconce cover

Renters will appreciate this most. An ugly, perhaps un-removable sconce can be cleverly concealed by cutting a lampshade in half, and affixing it to the wall OVER the offending item. Easy.

Target item: Paper lantern.

custom coffee table with storage

Storage bins, boxes, and vessels of all kinds become custom coffee tables with the addition of legs and contact paper.

Target item: Rolling basket.

standing desk

A shelf cleverly placed wherever a space could be a little more…productive, suddenly turns into a standing desk. Perfect for those who love to work from home but find themselves without the square footage for a home office.

Target item: Shelf.

pool/summer fun organizer

Corral sunscreen, flip flips, goggles, and other poolside odds and ends by using an over-the-door shoe rack as an organizer that takes up zero space. (And it’s less than $12)!

Target item: Organizer.

corner spice rack

An unused pantry or kitchen corner gets new life and plenty of purpose when a vertical shelf typically placed in the shower is used as a spice or odds-and-ends rack.

Target item: Pole caddy.

over-desk shelving

Perfect for the college student suffering from cement or brick walls that are tough to drill into. Top your basic desk with a simple, sleek shoe rack or freestanding closet organizer to give you more storage, while leaving you with enough desk space to work. 

Target items: Deskshoe rack.