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On a recent trip north to the city of Hudson, we had the opportunity to chat with one of our favorite women in the design world,

emily henderson

When Emily talks about anything, you listen, but with the season of fall quickly approaching, her wisdom is needed now more than ever. Keep reading to learn what seasonal decor she swaps in her own home, what style of design she thinks will trend next, and where she finds her inspiration—no matter time of year.

switch out your decor and accessories

Henderson admits to craving more color in her home (and life!) once spring rolls around. But like the rest of us, the stylist looks to more natural and neutral hues for fall. She says, “I just kind of mute everything a little bit.”

While furniture swaps are not part of her seasonal routine, textiles and accessories definitely are. Think throws, easy art switches, throw pillows, table lamps, vessels, and vases.

Expect to see Henderson gravitate towards neutrals like navy, black, beige, gray, and creams in the fall.While furniture swaps are not part of her seasonal routine, textiles and accessories definitely are. Think throws, easy art switches, throw pillows, table lamps, vessels, and vases.

it’s easy to find inspiration.

Whether you’re searching for a new color palette for fall, a certain style of room, or organization ideas, take a cue from Henderson and start your search with Pinterest.

“Pinterest is amazing,” Henderson says. “I don’t troll Pinterest like I used to, but when I’m looking for something, I go to Pinterest first.”

She also looks to high-end designer stores that are FULL of inspiration for new ideas.

“It really does kick start everything,” she says, “And you realize what people are doing, what’s aspirational, and then you can kind of do your own version of that.”

there’s new target product for fall (yeah, we’re excited).

Speaking of making a design idea or trend your own—at a more affordable price, as always—new products from Target’s Threshold home line are launching September 11. Among Henderson’s favorites are the lighting, textiles, trays, boxes, vessels or vases, and any and all finishing touches.

She says of her trips to Target, “We buy the furniture too, but when I’m styling—it’s all the accessories, all the final layer, for sure. Because it’s super affordable, it’s stylish, and it’s always on trend, and it sells out, so there’s this immediate like, I gotta get it before it sells out!”

Though Target finds are so affordable, we often have trouble deciding whether to press purchase no matter the price tag. After reading one of Henderson’s recent Instagrams, we knew she would be able to help.

She says, “That rug, for instance, it has to check off all the boxes. While it wasn’t big, it is useful, it’s a rug I know I can throw in a million different places. It was rare, it was so graphic and so colorful, and so old, that’s not normal to find.”

“I always say to splurge on conversation pieces, not on the basics. Because these days with good big box stores you can buy a good basic sofa for under $1,500, you don’t have to splurge on a $5,000 sofa,” says Henderson. “But whenever you see a piece of art or something that’s really, really, really special, that’s what you should splurge on because that’s what’s going to set your space apart from others and that’s what’s going to create conversation.”

look past the minimalism trend.

We’ve been gravitating towards minimalist, midcentury modern-inspired design for years, so we had to ask, what’s next?

Henderson sees a shift away from extreme minimalism to an emphasis on the feminine. Think ruffles, more details, beautifully carved wood, rolled arms, and more feminine-shaped legs.

She says, “I think we’ve been doing midcentury for so long, and I don’t think it’s ever going to be out because it’s classic, but I think that there’s definitely a shift towards more traditional lines and more classic, like Americana style than there has been in years, which I’m super excited about.”