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by Anna Lane

It’s the age old question that every design-minded parent asks him or herself: is it possible to have children and a chic living space? The answer is, decidedly, yes (though we do suggest that you put away all of your priceless ceramic pieces until after your offspring can understand the phrase “no touching”).

When it comes to a piece that can withstand children energy levels, there’s nothing better than the ubiquitous Ghost Chair. No matter what Junior throws at these — paint, food, play doh — it comes off easily and with little effort.

Glass may not seem like a material that’s appropriate for kids, but the tempered glass on the Tulip Glass-top Dining Table can withstand the demands of even the hungriest toddler. Clean the table with some glass cleaner and a soft rag and your adult dinner guests will never know that your table looked like a pureed pea Pollock painting just hours prior.

Add a pop of color to your living room without worrying about ruined upholstery. The Rocker Lounge Chair, made of molded plastic, withstands the demands of messy kids without sacrificing comfort.

With a fabric pattern that’s bold enough to mask (almost) any stain, the Jewel Tone Dappled Watercolor Pouf is a must-have for a family home.

The Peekaboo Clear Nesting Tables are perfect for any family friendly small living space. The translucent tables seamlessly blend into a room, are a fantastic height for little kids to use for art projects, and also serve double duty as cocktail tables on the off chance that you still have the energy for entertaining.

The only thing better than a new tufted leather sofa, is one that’s lived in. The hard use from kids and family life will only serve to add some patina to the Birmingham Tufted Leather Sofa.

For outdoor living, there’s no better chair option than the Marrakesh Outdoor Lounge Chair. Crafted from weather resistant fiber over a powder coated frame, these are comfortable, stylish, and easy to clean.

Design savvy kids will love the S Kids Chair. Add a few of these perfectly-sized seats to a playroom or craft table.

A brightly colored, high gloss lacquer piece packs a punch design wise, while simultaneously holding up to a bump or two. Be daring and add a table like this to the nursery for a high-style storage solution.

Trade in your vintage Suzani for an outdoor rug that’s stain resistant and washable. You’ll be surprised at how soft a rug made from plastic can feel, and the wide range of colors and patterns means there’s a chic option to match any decor.