Published on March 28, 2016

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Chances are, you spend just as much time sitting at your desk at work as you do in your home. It hurts to hear, but it’s the hard truth. And we’re guessing instead of making your (tiny OR expansive) space an extension of your home, it’s looking pretty drab. It’s okay! We’re here to help—with 16 ideas to bring life into your cubicle.

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add a plant

Small succulents or cacti aren’t just accessories, they actually have lots of health benefits, too. They make the air cleaner, you healthier, and increase productivity. Plus, you’ll have to care for it, which is almost like having an office pet. (Pst, flowers don’t hurt either.)

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Yes, it’s 2016, but having something to scribble notes on is still necessary. Whether it’s something your supervisor is telling you or reminders for yourself, or scribbling down ideas, you need a notebook. Of course, make it a cute one for extra inspiration.

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Do we even need to say it? Chatting with coworkers is fun, but when you need to tune out the noise, good headphones are a must.

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decorate appropriately

You know what is acceptable and what is not in your office. If you’re in a more creative space, it’s safe to say anything goes. In more formal, corporate environments, maybe stick with a more neutral color palette for your file folders, notebooks, and accessories.

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extra shoes

If you’re someone who has to wear heels at the office or is often attending fancier events (for work or play!) after hours, keeping a few pairs of shoes at the office is more definitely advisable. There’s no reason to commute in uncomfortable shoes and it’s always great to have options.

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Photography by JESSICA ISAAC

bring personal photos

Photos of family and friends can make anywhere feel like home and will help you feel more connected to the space. It’s also important to remember that there is life outside the office,  which means it’s more than appropriate to tape up a photo or two of a special vacation or fun time as a reminder.  

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Drinking coffee at work is pretty much a given, so bring your own mug (or on-the-go cup!) that reflects your personality. It will reduce waste (no more throwing away those paper cups everyday) and incentivize drinking your office’s free coffee instead of splurging on your own (shhh!).

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stay organized

Have you ever looked at your cubicle and thought “where did all this garbage come from?”. If you haven’t, count yourself lucky. It’s really easy to let items accumulate, especially when you’re running out the door each night in a hurry. Set aside a few minutes at the end of each week to do a quick clean. File what paper you need to keep and toss things that are just taking up space. 

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adult coloring book

Stress happens and we all need breaks sometimes. If you don’t have enough time to go outside and take a walk around the block, destress by coloring a page in your book. 

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water bottle

Staying hydrated will make you happier and healthier. Keeping a reusable water bottle within reach will make hydrating easy. Choose a cute one and it will blend in with your other accessories!

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Yellow, overhead lighting sucks. And often, it’s not as bright as you want it. A small task lamp will be just another accessory to add to your space and provide the bright light.

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Have you ever had a comfortable office chair? Probably not. Bring a small, rectangular pillow to keep on your chair for lower back support. It will make ALL the difference, trust us. 

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an emergency stash

Keeping things like hair ties, safety pins, floss, a toothbrush, and stain remover within reach will do wonders for your stress levels. Nothing is worse than having a wardrobe malfunction or embarrassing issue and not having the tools to remedy the situation.    

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afternoon pick-me-ups

The afternoon energy slump is REAL—and a coffee run isn’t always an option. Keep items nearby you know will energize you. Whether it’s gum, mini candies, or a rosewater spray (it’s refreshing!), keeping these readily available at your cubicle will make you happier and more alert.

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phone charger

This one is non-negotiable. Maybe you won’t need it everyday, but it’s always nice to have. Running to appointments or plans post-work with an almost dead phone is never fun. 

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add a candle

Candles are soothing and will add a fresh scent to your stale office air. Definitely make sure to get clearance to light up before doing so. If you’re not allowed, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to (faintly) smell it. 


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