Published on February 22, 2016

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Photography by BON APPETIT

french onion soup

This cold weather staple of a wine and broth base, is topped with a generous layer of cheese and is a classically French mainstay.

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Photography by DASH AND ELLA

baked baguette french toast

Repurpose that stale baguette into this delightfully flavorful blend. Set in ramekins for individualized portions or in a baking dish when hosting a large group. 

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Photography by GIMME SOME OVEN

creme brulee

A classic custard featuring strong hints of vanilla bean, a crisp sugar top, and a blackberry garnish. 

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Photography by HONESTLY YUM

baked ricotta dip

Nothing sounds better than individualized bowls of ricotta dip served with a side of fresh baguettes and honey. 

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baked mac and cheese

Only one of life’s more simpler pleasures, generously crusted with a cheesy breadcrumb crumble.

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Photography by JENNIFER JOYCE

beef and guinness pie

An inspired dish from across the pond, featuring a hearty blend of rich flavors and bold ingredients.

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Photography by DAMNDELICIOUS

italian baked eggs

Crustless pizza meets breakfast in this deliciously clever blend of marinara sauce, gruyere cheese, and eggs! 

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Photography by SAVEUR
A decadent treat that’s refreshingly light yet full of that bold chocolate flavor we just can’t get enough of. 


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Photography by RASA MALAYSIA

chicken and mushroom pot pie

A pate brisee crust, smokey hints of bacon, and warm notes of a chicken and veggie filling complete this mouthwatering dish. 

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Photography by SHUTTERBEAN

sausage and mushroom pizza bowl

We’re never one to pass on a slice of pizza, and we’re not making an exception for this spicy blend. 

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Photography by EPICURIOUS

sweet potato and caramelized onion hash

A hearty, egg-topped dish spiced with rosemary and paprika, and a parmesan garnish.

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deep-dish chocolate chip cookie

Saturated with chocolate chunks and a generous scoop of ice cream, this dish is best served fresh out the oven. 

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espresso panna cotta

A four-ingredient dessert that’s easy to make and entirely bold with overpowering notes of coffee.