Published on March 11, 2016

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Photography by WHAT’S THAT SMELL

by Bailey Swilley

slow cooker sticky asian lamb

A few pantry staples, a slow cooker, and voilà! You’ve got dinner for the next few nights.

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Photography by DELICIOUS

lebanese lamb flatbread

Lamb, spice, and everything nice! This easy recipe goes beautifully with a glass of red wine.

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pulled lamb curry

This meal looks like it was made at your go-to Indian spot, but can be easily achieved at home (a.k.a. your new favorite restaurant)!

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Photography by GRANDBABY CAKES

balsamic brown sugar lamb chops

If you love barbecue ribs, then you’re definitely going to need to try these next level chops.

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Photography by THE COOK’S PYJAMAS

easy dukkah-spiced lamb koftas

This international snack hits the spot when you’re in need of a protein boost.

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Photography by EAT THE LOVE

mediterranean lamb meatballs

Lots of spice and unexpected flavors (cinnamon sticks!) make this dish super-filling and well-rounded. 

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Photography by FORK KNIFE SWOON

lamb burgers with goat cheese and avocado

Take a break from beef and bite big into your new favorite sandwich!

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Photography by OUR FOUR FORKS

moroccan shepherd’s pie with sweet potato

Impress with these bright orange, nutrient-dense personal pies. 

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Photography by DRIZZLE AND DIP

rustic lamb pie

Meat and potatoes never looked so gorgeous. 

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Photography by KISS MY SPATULA

rosemary lamb popsicles with mint gremolata

Who says popsicles are for kids?

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Photography by DONNA HAY

spicy lamb pizza with vine-ripened tomatoes

Eggs instead of cheese makes this dish perfect for breakfast! 

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Photography by HONESTLY YUM

lamb bolognese

Shake up pasta night with this gamey take on this classic meal.

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Photography by SAVEUR

pakistani slow-cooked lamb stew

Impress friends with this transporting version of comfort food.

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lamb dumplings

Dim sum + lamb? Our Sunday brunch plans are set for the next four weekends. 

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Photography by RECIPETIN EATS

slow cooked lamb shanks in red wine sauce

This super-rich entree goes great with lots of veggies. It’s all about balance.