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by Regan Stephens

orange sweet rolls If there’s any downside to baked goods, it’s that they get cold too quickly. (We’re not saying we won’t still eat them.) Serve these citrus-infused sweet rolls straight from the slow cooker so that each one is as warm and gooey as it would be fresh from the oven.

pecan pie

It may be may be synonymous with Thanksgiving and chilly fall temps, but don’t let that stop you from slow-cooking this Southern staple any time of year.

peanut butter caramels

Wrapped in parchment paper, nutty, chewy caramels make a sweet DIY gift. That is, if you can stop yourself from eating every last one.

triple chocolate brownies

The hardest part of making these from-scratch brownies is waiting for them to cool completely before removing them from the slow cooker. If you can last, though, you’ll get a rich, super-fudgy dessert with chewy center pieces and crisp edges. Totally worth it.

caramel fondue

If you haven’t heard the good news, fondue parties are making a comeback, and this 3-ingredient dip deserves a spot on the table. Get creative with your dunking options — fruit, pretzels, graham crackers — the Crock-Pot keeps the caramel warm and melted come dessert time.

monkey bread

Hosting brunch? Add this simple and addictively good pull-apart bread to your lineup. Making them with packaged cinnamon rolls means the prep takes just a few minutes and there’s icing for drizzling on top.

pumpkin pie cake

We’re sorry in advance if the word “moist” bothers you — there’s just no other way to describe this dessert. The Crock-Pot traps in the steam, resulting in a nearly hybrid cake-pie combo with spongy texture and loads of flavor.

The Crock-Pot traps in steam while it cooks, resulting in baked goods that are never dried out. Whether you’re team cake or team pie, you’ll love this spongy, perfectly spiced dessert.

caramel blondies

It may look more like pudding, but with plenty of brown sugar and vanilla flavor, they’re unmistakably blondies. Hot from the slow cooker and drenched in caramel sauce, they’re begging for a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

s’mores brownies

Making camping practically unnecessary, (if there’s another reason to camp, we’re all ears) every delicious element of the classic s’mores is well represented here, from the graham cracker crust to the layer of sticky, melted marshmallow.

maple pumpkin spice chex mix

Pumpkin spice gets a bad wrap — it’s everywhere from vodka to potato chips. But there’s a time and a place for the quintessential fall flavor, and it’s in this savory-sweet mix. Add cereal, dried fruits, nuts, or anything else that appeals, for an upgrade to afternoon snack time that gives the pumpkin spice flavor back its good name.

salted caramel hot chocolate

A recipe for the perfect winter day: pour a few simple ingredients into your slow cooker, then spend the morning finding the best sledding hill and perfecting your snow angel technique. Return 2 hours later and warm up with mugs of this creamy hot cocoa.

cardamom rice pudding

Packed with flavor thanks to fresh fruit and spices, you won’t miss the calories in this light spin on the traditional dessert.