12 Unexpected Ways To Cook With Beer

Tiramisu, stuffed donuts, tomato pasta, and nine more ways to eat your beer.
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Braised Beer Chicken Pot Pie This decadently delicious, one-pot recipe comes with a spiced chicken and sausage filling flavored with pumpkin beer and a flakey cheese biscuit garnish.

Beeramisu There’s the traditional tiramisu, and then there’s this. This take follows the traditional recipe but, in lieu of dipping the lady fingers in coffee, a bold stout steps in to take the dessert to new heights.

Parmesan Pesto Swirl Beer Bread This cheesy dish combines a handful of sweet and savory ingredients – brown sugar and pesto – that play to the bold flavors of the beer bread.

Seafood and beer go hand-in-hand, and this quick and easy recipe is simply proof. Instead of steaming clams in water, substitute in a pale lager to give the dish a more dynamic taste.

Crockpot Carne Asada Beer Chili There’s nothing quite like a heaping bowl of chili on a cold winter’s day. This crockpot version comes loaded with a medley of unexpected ingredients including apple butter, beer, and cocoa powder. Topped with seasoned potato wedges, avocado slices, and grilled corn, it’s happiness in a bowl.

When two of our favorite things come together, good things are surely in store. This beer cheese soup is about as hearty as it sounds, though we’d like to think that the handful of veggies inside make it a touch healthier. 

Onion Rings What makes these beer-battered onion rings so different from the rest? We think the beer and club sofa batter combo might be the trick. Serve this fried treat with a refreshing side of buttermilk ranch dressing.

Black and Blue Mac and Cheese Guinness is the star ingredient in this decadent take on mac and cheese featuring a white cheddar and blue cheese filling, and a crispy baked crumble on top.

Creme Brulee Stuffed Donuts Featuring a creme brûlée and stout mascarpone filling, these heavenly donuts are literally bursting at the seams with ooey goodness.

Beer Pretzels There’s nothing quite like indulging in a refreshing brew with a side of freshly-baked pretzels. This clever recipe seamlessly incorporates the two and takes things a step further with a beer and dijon cheese dip.

Pasta and beer? Consider us intrigued. Canned tomatoes and a bottle of bock beer come together in this spicy mixture featuring Kalamata olives, anchovies, and caper berries.  

Sriracha Lime Beer Corn Fritters Serve these up at your next cocktail hour for a refreshing bite filled with bold flavors and plenty of spice.

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