The Most Elegant Fruit Cups You’ll Ever See

Put a grown-up spin on the childhood classic.

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Fruit Ball Party Cups

Serves 6-8


– 1 cantaloupe melon – 1 papaya – 3 dragon fruit – 1 small seedless watermelon – 16 shiso leaves (these are available at most Japanese markets or on Amazon) – 4 key limes – 1 bunch fresh mint   6-8 oz glasses work best… should fit approx. 8-10 balls.


Cut melons, dragon fruit, and papaya in half, scoop out the seeds on the papaya and cantaloup. Use a melon baller to create balls with the melons, dragon fruit and papaya.  Place on a baking sheet so fruit doesn’t get smushed. If you are not serving these cups in near future, place baking sheet in fridge when done balling.   When ready to serve, arrange 2 shiso leaves along the side of your small glass. Place balls to your liking, taking some of each type, in the cup.  Add a sprig of mint and 1/2 a key lime to the top edge. Serve immediately.  Encourage your guests to squeeze the lime over their fruit before eating.