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The end of the workday can often be when we’re most wiped-out, but it’s also when we’re hungriest, too. Reconcile these two competing forces by prepping and cooking a one-pot meal for weeknights that will cut down on time and clean up. Sounds pretty scrumptious, no? 

linguine with spicy shrimp Try this fresh pasta recipe for a delicious, deceivingly impressive meal. 

chicken gumbo This yummy Cajun favorite mixes flavorful rotisserie chicken, okra, and spicy sausage.

pork chops with chard and white beans A tasty, hearty recipe that includes both protein and a side in one pot!

bacon mac ‘n cheese This delicious and indulgent mac ’n cheese takes just 20 minutes of prep.

tamale pie A simple alternative to tamales, this filling recipe makes eight (!) servings. 

chicken fajitas Although this one has a long list of ingredients, it’s super simple. (Promise!)

red-hot chili If you love a little spice, this one is for you. Top this easy to make, spicy chili with a scoop of sour cream, bacon, and chives.

sardinian-style paella This dish combines flavors of seafood and chorizo with Sardinian pasta for a unique spin on traditional paella. 

salmon, red cabbage, & new potatoes Impress guests with this zesty salmon and two sides. All of it cooks within 25 minutes.

southwestern sweet potato breakfast skillet This unique breakfast isn’t limited to the morning. Cook this up any time of day for a filling meal packed with vitamin A and C. Try serving with hot sauce.

new england clam chowder Even if it’s your first time cooking clams, this classic one-pot recipe is easier than you’d think!

tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons The best part about this recipe? Prep time is only 10 minutes! The addition of orzo and croutons makes this light soup a filling meal.

vegetarian pho A favorite Vietnamese comfort food. Customize the recipe with your own garnishes.