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roasted artichoke cauliflower creamy harissa dip Seasoned with za’atar and spicy harissa, this roasted veggie dip is a perfect indulgence.

smoked cheddar and cranberry dip Cheddar and cranberry sauce make for quite the pair in this spicy concoction of pumpkin puree and beer.

caramelized onion and brie dip Sweet onions caramelized in porter with thyme and chives are paired with a decadent brie and mascarpone blend in this rich dish.

jalapeno spinach dip Hot spinach dip is at its best when served in toasted, hollowed out rolls and topped with a handful of shredded Swiss cheese.

hot gruyere skillet chicken dip Wine and cheese in form of a dip? Sign.us.up. This gluten-free skillet dip has all the makings of a flavorful and mouthwatering treat.

deconstructed croque madame Dijon mustard, thick Virginia ham, and layers of creamy cheesy goodness complete this sandwich-turned-dip.

pimento cheese dip A cheese and dijon mustard blend with spicy pimento peppers, plus a bacon and scallion garnish.

garlic yogurt dip We just found the perfect side for those crispy, fried potato chips. This yogurt-based dip is light and healthy!

grilled pineapple guacamole Take your famous guacamole to the next level with the sweet addition of grilled pineapples!

fresh tomato chutney Fresh tomatoes are key in this simple mix loaded with flavor and spice.

clam chowder dip
This rich blend may border on the consistency of a soup, but there’s no denying its spot on our Super Bowl spread.

rosemary white bean artichoke and spinach dip Elevate the classic artichoke and spinach dip with white beans, mozzarella, and fragrant sprigs of rosemary.

pumpkin and adzuki bean dip Roasted pumpkin is paired with a bold 5-spice mix in this hearty yet healthy blend.

dill dijon dip Chips, veggies, fried chicken, you name it! We can think of countless things to dip in this versatile and light blend. The bonus? It only takes five minutes to make!

mexican layer dip Your classic game day fare plus a healthy garnish of tomatoes and olives.

hot crab dip This jumbo lump crab and pepper jack cheese mix is spicy, rich, and garnished with a splash of citrus.

reese’s peanut butter cup dip We wouldn’t call this a guilt-free dip, but pair it with sliced apples, it’s not that bad. Plus, we’re sure the little ones will definitely approve.

bacon queso blanco dip A crockpot dip means little work for major goodness. We have an inkling that this two-cheese and chili mix will be quite the hit.

cheesy refried black bean dip You can’t consider your spread complete without a classic.

oven-baked s’mores A campfire favorite turned game day treat. (And you won’t smell like a campfire afterward).

baked jalapeno artichoke This baked, seven layer dip features a delectable combination of creamy jalapeno artichokes, salsa, black beans, mini sweet bell peppers, shredded cheese, and more!

jalapeno popper dip A creamy, spicy, and cheesy mix with savory hints of bacon and a herb garnish.

roasted red pepper dip with mint This roasted red pepper dip features surprising notes of mint and a spicy walnut crunch.

kale and artichoke dip With a creamy texture and a handful of crisp greens, this cheesy blend is a must for the app table.

crab and shrimp dip An original take on a rich crab dip featuring a light yogurt base and generous dash of Old Bay Seasoning. 

peanut dipping sauce Toss this savory dipping sauce with spicy Thai noodles or serve with a side of crunchy veggies.

mediterranean feta dip An inspired blend of kalamata olives, tomatoes, and artichokes, seasoned with garlic and topped with a toasted feta crumble.

salsa verde A roasted combo of tomatillos and peppers lend a kick of spice to this too-easy salsa mix.

chili mac n’ cheese dip
Two classics team up in this hearty, slow cooker blend featuring spicy chili and macaroni and cheese!

vegan queso A vegan and gluten free bowl of queso may seem too good to be true, but this eggplant and almond milk blend comes dangerously close to the real thing.

chipotle black bean dip Black beans and raspberry chipotle sauce are the stars of this creamy, cheesy blend.

brownie batter dip This 5-ingredient chocolate brownie dip is entirely effortless and a must for the dessert table.

everything spinach chickpea dip An everything bagel meets a healthy spinach dip, in this surprisingly delicious sunflower seed and chickpea blend.

corn and cotija cheese dip With a garlic and scallion saute, this creamy recipe is pure dipping perfection.

baked lasagna dip Spicy Italian sausage, a trio of cheeses, and fire roasted tomatoes come together in this layered lasagna dip bake.

hot chicken philly cheeseteak dip A Philadelphia mainstay in dip form features layers of shredded chicken, green onions, and cheese.

sweet potato hummus This sweet and savory blend is guilt-free snacking at its best, plus it takes mere minutes to make!

skinny queso dip With a skim milk base and a bundle of spices, this light version of queso won’t disappoint. It will however, disappear.

creamy cumin dip
Pair this sour cream-based dipping sauce with a plate full of fried green tomatoes.

three onion dip
Onions, anchovies, mushrooms, and Worcestershire sauce lend an irresistible touch to this creamy dip.

creamy avocado dip It’s back to the basics with this slightly creamier take on guacamole.

lemon parmesan dip Hints of citrus balance out the overpowering flavors of dijon and parmesan, in this light and refreshing dip.

8-layer dip A crunchy, creamy mix with thick layers of chiles, cheddar, beans, and more!

creamy pistachio dip A clever blend with added crunch gives the typical onion dip a whole new meaning.

new school french onion dip Slow cooked onions with thyme and wine are bound to make quite an impression in this caramelized delight.

roasted salsa A party staple featuring a smokey revamp with a slew of fresh flavors and spice.

seven layer taco dip Layered dip and the Super Bowl are besties, and have been for quite awhile. Don’t be shocked if it’s gone by halftime!

black-eyed pea dip A refreshing combo that’s easy to make and full of light and colorful flavors.

buffalo chick dip Top this delectable blend with a blue cheese and pistachio crumble, and serve with a side of fresh veggies and crackers.

hot ricotta dip Loaded with herbs, red pepper, and cheese, this refined mix is game-day elegance–and yes, that exists.