Published on February 26, 2017

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One-Pot Wonder Basil Pasta

Just when you thought a basic tomato-basil pasta dish couldn’t get simpler, this recipe comes along and allows you to make it in only one pot. You don’t even have to strain the pasta—it cooks in its own sauce.

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Photography by DAMN DELICIOUS

Mushroom, Spinach, Artichoke Pasta

This recipe is a vegetarian’s dream. Mushrooms and artichoke go together brilliantly, spinach adds heft, and garlic and herbs amp up the flavor even more. Finish it off with butter and parmesan for creaminess—or swap in a dairy-free cheese if you’re vegan.

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Photography by RASAMALAYSIA

One-Pot Seafood Pasta

A complicated seafood creation becomes effortless when you make it in one pot. Choose your own adventurous combination of crustaceans—everything tastes great in this simple tomato sauce. 

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Ratatouille Spaghetti

This vegan, veggie-packed pasta dish is a great way to use up surplus produce in your fridge. Give it a seasonal twist with onions and root vegetables in the winter or zucchini in the summer.

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Photography by NUMBER 2 PENCIL

Cajun Chicken and Sausage Alfredo Pasta

Throw your diet out the window; this recipe is decadent in the best way. Chicken, sausage, and cheesy, creamy alfredo sauce combine for an indulgent dinner you’ll have to resist making every night.

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Photography by THE WICKED NOODLE

Pesto Pasta With Chicken and Parmesan

It doesn’t get much easier than a four-ingredient, one-pot meal, and that’s exactly what this recipe provides. Plus, you may already have these ingredients in your pantry. Dinner is done. 

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Photography by MY SEQUINED LIFE

Creamy Lemon Spinach One-Pot Pasta

Everything is better with lemon, and that includes one-pot pasta. Here, the creaminess comes from coconut milk for a healthy alternative to alfredo.

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Photography by FRESH OFF THE GRID

One-Pot Protein Pasta

Somehow, this recipe is both vegetarian and loaded with protein. Featuring lentil pasta and tons of kale, it’s hearty and filling. But what’s even more impressive is that it was originally cooked on a camping stove in the middle of Zion National Park. Now you have no excuse not to make it in your kitchen.  

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Photography by PIONEER WOMAN

One-Pot Broccoli Alfredo Recipe

Butter and cream make this recipe rich and decadent, and broccoli gives it a semi-healthy spin. Aside from coming together in only one pot, it also takes about 10 minutes total to make this dish.

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Simple Vegan One-Pot Pasta

In this tasty vegan dish, combine all the vegetables and herbs in your refrigerator with your favorite pasta.

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Photography by MIXING BOWL KIDS

Life-Changing One-Pot Pasta with Chicken and Mushrooms

Take a few extra minutes, and you can even cook chicken in one of these one-pot dishes. This recipe features mushrooms, peas, and a splash of heavy cream for a classic combination that comes together fast.

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One-Pot Lasagna

It can take hours (and half a dozen dishes and pots) to make lasagna. This version tastes just like the original, yet it comes together in minutes.

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Photography by HOST THE TOAST

One-Pot Roasted Red Pepper and Sausage Pasta

Sausage and pureed roasted red peppers give this dish maximum flavor, and milk, goat cheese, and parmesan help create a creamy sauce. It’s fast and hearty—perfect for any night of the week.

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Photography by JOY THE BAKER

One-Pot Creamy French Onion Pasta Bake

Once you’ve had French onion soup in pasta form, you may never go back to the original. This dish is creamy, cheesy, and completely decadent.

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One-Pot Greek Oregano Chicken and Orzo with Tomatoes in Garlic Oil

Using orzo, feta, and olives, give the one-pot pasta trend some Greek flare with this simple recipe. Big pieces of chicken make it a complete, filling dinner.